Why I will never try again juice detoxing (or wish it on my worst enemy)

A bit of a dramatic title right? That is the closest thing I can use to describe my experience with 'Juice detoxing'. If you are considering trying it soon or just curious about this diet trend, Here is my candid and honest review.


Im a serial dieter and love staying up-to-date with the latest fitness trends. I love testing out new eating theories to see what works best for my body and evolve my eating habits.

For at least the past 6 years, I have heard a lot about the juice diets/detox or juice fasting.  Celebrities swear by it (Beyonce did the Master Cleanse diet before Dreamgirls) and ads upon ads from juice companies promises the sun, moon and stars if we are to follow a 'simple' 5-day juice detox.

I was never brave enough to try it but I was always curious about it. It wasn't until I was due to go on a last-minute holiday that I decided to use the remaining 5 days to "juice detox" and get in shape fast.

So, Here are the top five reasons why NOT to try a Juice detox, ever ever again.

It makes you feel dizzy and tired

I started the juice detox first day when I was at work. Big mistake. I felt dizzy all day with a horrible headache. One thing was helpful from the juice company I picked is that they sent me a detailed step-by-step guide on how to deal with the fasting. Midday I turned to it in an attempt to kill my migraine. "If you are suffering from headaches, take a nap". Great. And for the most part of the population who cant do that during the (work) day? You suffer in silence.

You are cranky(ier) 

I definitely felt short-tempered, everything was getting on my nerves. Seeing people eating salads was getting on my nerves cuz it made me wish I have been eating healthy salads for the past 3 months and THEN I wouldnt have needed to go on a detox. Seeing people happy or laughing made me sad. Seeing people working made me question how on earth they made it look so easy.

You become obsessed with food

I caught myself a couple of times staring at the girl sitting next to me and eating an apple at work with my mouth-wide open. I followed delicious smells in the streets and watched Shawarma slices being cut as if it was what my life depended on. At this stage, I knew I was building up towards a master binge after this "diet" is over.

You lose water and muscle tissues instead of pure fat

On most healthy diets, the focus in general is on long-term fat and weight loss rather than quick results.  This is mainly due to the fact that shocking your body will only make it hold on much more stubborn to fat stored in your body. Instead, you will be losing mainly water weight, and muscle-tissue which will give you a false feeling of weight loss but which you will really gain at least 60% of afterwards.

You gain it all back once you are done

And if losing muscle tissue and water weight isnt bad enough, you actually end up gaining it all back, almost the minute you are back to eating normally. Which really makes it a total waste of money and time.

So Bottom line?

I would say invest this money on organic and healthy food. Try walking or jogging for 30 mins a day and you would really achieve the same results in a week. This time it will be lasting and with less hassle, money and grumpiness. Not to mention save your family and colleagues from your Hangry self.

Nada ElMahdiComment