Your One-Day Detox Guide

The holidays happened. And now we all have "Get in shape" on top of our New Year's resolutions list. Luckily, that's not as hard as you would imagine. Today, we bring you a simple guide to resetting your body and kick starting your healthy lifestyle again in just one day.

Photo Credit: Grace Belgravia

Photo Credit: Grace Belgravia

Why do it? A one-day detox will reset your body's cravings and once you remember that feeling of being well-fuelled and hydrated, you will be encouraged to continue.

Start the night before

Start your 24-hour detox by getting a good face cleansing mask (You can make yours at home) the night before. Drink a herbal tea, get a short 10-minute meditation through headspace and get an early night in. You will wake up well-rested, with glowing skin.

Early Morning

Kick start your metabolism with a glass of warm water and fresh lemon. This will also help in cleansing your system and will give you an energy boost. Afterwards, prepare an antioxidant smoothie to fill your body with the needed vitamins.


By lunchtime, make sure you get a heart salad bowl (no dressing) and a healthy low-fat soup. make sure you get at least 2-litres of water.

By Sunset

Grab a healthy snake (Like a handful of raw almonds and berries) and drink a cup of nice herbal tea. Try to avoid coffee for the day (and especially late afternoon).


Book a nice Balinese or a hot stone massage to wind your body down. You can also get a short session of sauna and steam so that you sweat out the toxins.

Dinner time

Get some lean protein with veggies for dinner and take a good multi-vitamin. Follow it by  a nice warm cup of herbal tea and sit down, detached from your mobile, TV and everything else. 

Before bed

To end of the day, go for another session of headspace and meditate for 10 mins. No harm in applying a nice nourishing facial before bed. Opt for another early night in, your body will thank you in the morning.

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