30 Minutes a day to transform your body (and relationship)

Many of us busy working peeps have said farewell long ago to daily home cooking. We are often too busy, too exhausted, have social plans or simply just want to have that takeout you've been craving after a long week. It was only a month back that I got a wake-up call when my husband said "I really miss your cooking you know?". Guiltily, I have been "suggesting" we eat out or get a take out more often than not. But even in a city like Dubai where we are spoiled for options, truth is, nothing beats a nice warm home-cooked meal not to mention all the health benefits (Hello slim!). 

However, the challenge remains: I come back daily having barely enough energy to play with my daughter, check in with my fam/friends and spend the rest of the evening with my hubby when he is around. So when will I ever find the time and energy to cook daily? The solution was much simpler than I imagined.

I recently came across a lovely new company called "Hello Chef!" which is one of the smartest food & nutrition companies I have tried out.

Pita Pizza & Greek Salad Ingredients

Pita Pizza & Greek Salad Ingredients

Vietnamese Beef & Rice Noodles Ingredients

Vietnamese Beef & Rice Noodles Ingredients

The idea is simple: For those who wants to stay healthy and would prefer to cook their own meals but with less fuss and time, You get a package every Sunday with super fresh ingredients that cook a meal for two (There are options for 1-3-4 and more). The recipe is included and all the ingredients are measured up and ready so that all you need to do is simply cook it, following a 4-step simple instructions sheet that arrive together with the delivery! 

Fresh Greek Salad

Fresh Greek Salad

The bonus? Each meal takes less than 30 mins to cook. So if you are like me, craving a healthier, simpler and a more "home-like" lifestyle, this one is for us! Every weekly subscription gets you 4 meals (And gives you Thursday off, becuz duh, its DATE night!) and packages start from 250 AED per week, for 2 people. Which honestly speaking used to be the price of one takeout night.

So Why cook at home when you can order a nice meal with a few clicks? There are various home-cooking benefits that all health and nutritious experts have spoken time and time again about. Amongst a few are:

Home-cooked meals are much more nutritious: Restaurants - both fast and otherwise - are known to be high in calories, sugars, fat, sodium, and is known to contain low nutritional content.

Boost your fitness: Off course, when you learn and get into the habit of cooking, this can be the first step towards (finally) creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself and family. You will start getting more creative and creating healthier, lower-calories meals. 

Increase your own knowledge of food: When you cook at home, you quickly come to understand more and more on how your body reacts to certain ingredients. Food can heal, cause sickness, or even inflict pain or allergy. 

Savor your food: The very act of creating your own meal will help you feel accomplished as well as appreciate it much more than ready-made meals.

Vietnamese Beef with Rice Noodles

Vietnamese Beef with Rice Noodles

C&G Verdict:
I have to say I absolutely loved it. My menu included a Vietnamese beef dish that I never tasted before (And which is basically a beautiful explosion of tastes in your mouth!), as well as a simple Pita Pizza with a fresh colorful Greek salad on the side. I loved how different every dish was and how really fresh and nicely packaged the ingredients were. 

Now, how did it boost my relationship? Having challenged my husband to cook with me for 4 nights straight has immensely increased our bond through using that one hour daily for US. No kids, no TV, no phones...just us playing around in the kitchen and cooking something that we haven't probably eaten before, then chilling and letting our taste buds do the work. 

So there you go, 30 minutes a day could completely transform your body, eating habits and boost your relationship! 



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