13 minutes to turn your worst day into a Good one

We've all had those days.

When your boss has dropped a negative comment on you, you got into a row with your partner, your parents gave you a hard time about your life choices, or you are just trying to pull a superwoman and failed..Days when you just feel that everything you have achieved so far is inadequate and that you would rather quit it all and just disappear into your bedroom for the next few days.

We've all really had those days.

While our intuition would always be to cool it down with a warm bath, a cup of cocoa and an early night in, I learned that this is not really the best or most healthy way to go about a bad day. Reason is, you are only oppressing the real problem instead of dealing with it and trust me, it's the key to turn your worst of days into a good one. All you need is 13 minutes and here is exactly what to do.

Minute 1: Go to a private place (& cry it out, If needed)

As helpful as it might sound to have people around to comfort you, you might just be cramming your mind and avoiding letting yourself feel what you need to feel. So as a first step, just step into a private room/space.

Then yes, cry it out - if you need to.
I have actually done it at the office before. You know when everything is wrong, you feel like "Whats the point?" and you collapse? It hit me a couple of times, and when it did I locked myself up and just let it out for a good few moments. Doing this helps you relief a bit of the stress you get from bubbling up your feelings and might just prevent you from throwing that stress ball at your boss (Oops!). 
Now breath..take deeeeep breaths and let each out slowly until your heart rate is back to normal, and move to the next step. 

Minute 2: Figure out whats the real problem

As easy as this may sound, most of us don't really admit out loud whats the real cause of our problem and its exactly what overwhelms us and clouds our minds from thinking straight. What I learnt over the years is that by just focusing for a few seconds on what is it that's bothering me (while being brutally honest with myself about it) and admitting it out loud, makes me feel instantly better. Ask yourself, am I really bothered by my boss' comment or is it that I am not happy with the workplace/job/salary? and so on. 
After getting to the bottom of your issue, it's time to move to clear your mind and calm down.

The next 10 minutes: Create some "Headspace"

2 years ago whenever someone mentioned 'meditation' for dealing with stress, I would roll my eyes and say "yea, right". But after I have discovered Headspace, a guided meditation app for beginners, I was forever converted. The app mainly has 10-minute sessions that walk you through step-by-step of what you need to do, even if you have never done any form of meditation before. And people, its a life-changer!
After every single session, I feel relaxed from head to toe and ready to instantly indulge in a deep sleep. It also has a Mini 2-minute "emergency" session for when you are having a meltdown and a few longer sessions for deeper issues too, such as; Depression and Phobia.

Want to get your head steady without an app? Try the breathing exercise. Take long deep breaths and let it out very slowly while completely letting your brain go. Repeat until you feel your body and mind has started to relax and then carry on to the next step.

Final 60 seconds: Solve the issue

Now that you have admitted the problem, cried it out, and cleared your head, its time to focus on solving the issue and turn that day into a better one.
Check in with yourself: Was your boss' comment on point and can you learn something from the criticism? Is the row with your partner really worth falling out for and can you talk it through instead? Can you move on from your parent's comments because, lets admit it, they have always been (and will always be) this way? And if its any other issue, ask yourself; will it still matter a year from now? If yes, get a pen and a paper and start on an action plan to solve it, and If not, well, time to just let go because there are just so many reasons to be happy today :-) #BeHappy

Do you have any experience with a bad day that turned well? Comment below and share your tips!