5 Tips to Becoming Fit

When you have fallen of the diet and exercise wagon for a while, it could be terrifying to start again. I've been there many times. And after so many trails and tribulations with becoming a #FitGirl, failing and picking myself up again, I finally nailed the perfect routine. What is it? Read on below.

If you are looking to re-introduce fitness again in your life (Or start taking it seriously for the first time) you only need these top 5 tips for sustaining fitness as part of your weekly routine.

Put a plan & educate yourself

This is the most underestimated step and one that is always missed from fitness motivation articles.

Like anything in life, you have to educate yourself, be prepared and have a plan in place before you start a project or a big change. Imagine this, would you ever jump in the kitchen and start cooking without really stopping to think what your meal would look like? Or if you have all the ingredients in place? Or if your meal would be ready on time? No.
So why would you do that for an even bigger change?

Bottom Line? Have a coffee date with yourself. Get your laptop (or phone) and start researching. Read, educate yourself, understand your body type and which diet & workouts works for you and your fitness level. Make a realistic plan that fits your schedule and mark a start date.

Put it in your calendar

Having a slot in the calendar marked for working out gets me focused. It essentially blocks anyone from booking me on those timings and pushes me to commit to finishing work so I can make it to my workout "date". I also factor in commuting time & even mark the pre-workout snack time (An hour before working out).

Extra Tip? After figuring out your program, Print it and put it up on your desk/fridge so that you can cross off the completed workouts. #motivation


Stick to a sustainable diet

I have been on diets where you only had to eat a slice of cheese, half a toast and half a banana for breakfast. Let me tell you, even the world's most committed athletes will go NUTS sticking to such limiting dictating diet for a long time. Instead, aim to make changes to your current diet. Have a target of 3 meals a day, 2 snacks. Replace oil for cooking spray, and fried for grilled. Recreate your favorite meals with healthier ingredients and you should be fine.

If unsure, visit a Nutritionist to help you get on the right path.

About that cheat meal? Once a week, schedule a cheat meal. That could be during the weekend, or a mid-week, whichever suits you. But it will be something to push you to hold off every time you crave that juicy Shake Shack burger #fact

Get your outfit right

One thing that motivates me on my rainy days is to dress up for working out. If you look great, you will feel more confident, and thus your performance will go up. I am in LOVE with the current #PumaWomen collection. With Cara Delevingne as their "Do You" Campaign face, and PUMA's goal to "Inspire confidence in women everywhere"- I feel like a #GirlBoss wearing it.

Want some extra outfit gorgeousness? Go for the new PUMA Shoes, so light (and gorgeous!). I also found that it provides excellent support during training.

Reward yourself

By the end of each milestone (maybe every week) make sure you reward yourself. Instead of rewarding yourself with a big "cheat" meal, why don't you aim for a massage instead? Or buy yourself that lovely pair of shoes you wanted for sometime. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that will motivate you. 

Extra tip? If you noticed you are rewarding yourself only with food, you might be an emotional eater. But don't worry, keep diverting your attention from food and instead look forward for your spa reward, or buy yourself a nice book, or even book a nice vacation after you complete a major milestone!

You go #GirlBoss :-)

Questions or additional tips? Share the love below!

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