What Your Food Cravings Are Really Saying About Your Health

We all have cravings from time to time. Those late night chocolates, to the occasional fizzy drink. But your body's cravings can be its way of telling you something might be wrong. Here are a few cravings that might be telling you more than that you have a sweet tooth.



Craving Sugary Food & Desserts

Surely sugar can be addictive and we all crave something sweet every now. But if you are constantly craving sugar and at odd times (Late at night for ex.) accompanied with anxiety, binge eating, and sometimes depression, you could have Serotonin deficiency. Visit a nutritionist and in the meantime, cut down on sugary food as well as add some Vitamin D either through supplements or through laying in the sun an extra 20 mins a day.

Craving: Pasta, Bread & Carbs

Refined carbohydrates and sugars increase your risk for chromium deficiency. so the next time you crave those kinds of foods, you can eat organic eggs cooked in green peppers. Green peppers contain naturally occurring chromium to help top those levels up.

Craving: Fatty Food

If you crave fat condensed foods, you might be lacking essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. So where do you get them from? A nice seafood meal once a week or a lovely salmon burger would help your body refuel those levels and sort out those cravings in an instant.

Craving: Fizzy Drinks

Your taste buds get addicted to the sugary sweetness of fizzy drinks (And you can tell by how many people are addicted to this stuff), but fizzy drinks actually zap calcium from your bones. Make yourself a deliciously frothy banana and almond milk smoothie instead to increase your calcium intake.

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