Top 3 Barre Moves to Get you Rear in Gear!

I am a huge fan of Barre. I happen to think that its the best form of exercise ever designed for women. I love how in just under an hour you get to workout every single muscle of your body from head to toe so that the result is an overall shaped and toned arms, shoulders, back, rear and even thigh gaps! 

Being the Barre Junkie that I am, I jump at every opportunity to try new studios out, but its very rare when you find that chemistry between you, the studio, the class and most importantly the trainer who orchestrates the entire experience. That's why I am very excited to introduce you today to one of my all-time favorite Barre instructors, Brittany Costa, one of the very first ones I have trained with in Dubai and someone who got me up 4 days a week excited to feel some pain. A lady with such contagious smile, incredible fitness knowledge and oozing happy sunshine vibes all year around which she is using to help motivate hundreds of women to keep fit and toned, not only in Dubai, but across the globe. 

Brittany talks to us today on how to keep fit with only 3 simple Barre moves.
Over to you Brittany!


Dubai is a place where women want to be the best they can and share a passion for well-being; barre is the perfect workout to help achieve that, elongating and strengthening the women of the Middle East, while still maintaining those delicious curves the women of this region are known for! By fusing a combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates, all the while combining a healthy dose of strength training and cardio, the movements in Barre were created to work the entire body as one unit in many different ways.

The traditional Barre class has been engineered to create length without bulking, boost the metabolism, and safely deliver results with consistent practice. By practicing, you’ll be able to quickly see and feel the results which include:

  • Elongated muscles
  • Reduced body fat
  • Tighter legs
  • Cinched waist
  • Lifted seat
  • Toned arms
  • More energy, better posture and improved alignment

Typically a ballet barre is used to assist the practitioner into various positions, but a chair or no barre (if you have good balance!) can also be utilized. In addition to the barre, many classes and trainers utilize various props such as light weights, a stability ball and resistance bands. Barre challenges muscles to fatigue in order to develop strength, with lots of yoga inspired stretching to ensure a complete head to toe workout, making it the most efficient training session you can do.

Want to try some Barre signature moves? I love working on the booty to help give it the lift it needs; take the challenge and do some of these at home to get your rear in gear:

Move #1: Tabletop

  • Hands into floor under shoulders, knees under hips, tops of feet flat, core active, spine long with no dips; extend right leg back
  • Full Range Taps: Toes to floor; lift leg hip height. Move up and down full range 20x  
  • Circles: Keep extended leg at hip height, draw circles with toes moving entire leg 20x each direction
  • Hamstring Curls: Keeping leg at hip level, flex foot, bend leg at knee driving the heel towards the seat, return to straight, 20x
  • Repeat all on left side

Move #2: Wide Second (or Plie Squat)

  • Plant feet wider than hips, with knees stacked over ankles and toes pointed on a 45 degree angle turned out; keep the shoulders over hips and back straight as if you’re sliding up and down a wall. Core active and arms outstretched in front of you at shoulder height, or above your head with elbows soft
  • Pulses: Drop tailbone 6” (15 cm) lower / lift maintaining small range of motion, move up and down 20x
  • Full extension: Fully lift by straightening legs, then bending knees sinking deeply into the seat, move up and down 20x
  • Heel Lift: Staying in the “squat” position with knees bent, lift and lower heels activating calves, maintain balance by keeping core strong; move heels up and down 20x 

Move #3: Small V Position

  • Using a chair as stability, forearms distance away and keeping hand lightly on it, stack shoulders above hips, core active and tailbone dropped slightly with neutral spine. Bring heels of feet together, toes apart (think 10 and 2 on a clock) in a small “V” position.
  • Keeping heels down or lifted for a challenge (and keeping the heels together) soften out the knees to lower tailbone towards the ground 6 inches; keep spine long (as if you’re sliding down a wall).
  • Challenge yourself by lowering and lifting hips an inch, move on to full range, staying low and pressing knees back, or staying low and circling the hips. Each movement 20x

As a Barre instructor, I’ve studied through a variety of education modules to get a firm grasp of the principles behind the movements and choreography, as well as a deep understanding of how to effectively motivate clients to believe in their strength and abilities. I’m someone who is just like you— eager to get my sweat on in the most effective and enjoyable way possible (because who wants to hit the treadmill for hours and not accomplish anything?). I love working with woman on helping them to achieve their best selves and appreciate being involved in a community of fit women where we work together in health and wellness.


Woohoo, that was great Brit! I am sure a lot will be trying that today ;-)

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See you soon at the Barre!

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