Your One-Day Detox Guide

The holidays happened - and now we all have "Get fit" on top of our New Year's resolutions list. Luckily, that's not as hard as you would imagine. Today, we bring you a simple guide to resetting your body and kick starting your healthy lifestyle again in just one day.

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5 Tips to Becoming Fit

When you have fallen of the diet and exercise wagon for a while, it could be terrifying to start again. I've been there many times. And after so many trails and tribulations with becoming a #FitMom, failing and picking myself up again, I finally nailed the perfect routine. What is it? Read on below.

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Top 3 Barre Moves to Get you Rear in Gear!

Dubai is a place where women want to be the best they can and share a passion for well-being; barre is the perfect workout to help achieve that, elongating and strengthening the women of the Middle East, while still maintaining those delicious curves the women of this region are known for! Here are three top signature Barre moves to try anytime, anywhere, from our favorite Barre Instructor: Brittany Costa.

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