5 Minutes with a #BossGirl: Hannah AlRasekh



Meet Hannah AlRasekh, the Jordanian beauty, who has captured the eyes of most major brands from Dior to Versace, from Bloomingdales to Givenchy, just to name a few. Based the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, Hannah has been unstoppable with her skillset and extensive experience in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Not to mention, she has been giving us all some serious #ootd goals and acting as our #Fitspo whenever we want to resist that extra slice of chocolate cake.

From her Instagram account, we see her always juggling so many balls; globetrotting from one city to the other,  trying out the best restaurants, attending the most glamorous events, all while always looking insanely on fleek and not missing one crossfit session. So we sat down with this ultimate #BossGirl to learn more about how she does it all.




Hannah, What was your first job? 

I started work as a fashion editor when I graduated from college. It was a wonderful experience which aided me in opening my own clothing boutique several years later. 

You've grown your brand to become one of the leading in the region, what are your top tips for building and cementing a strong personal brand?

To be honest, I try not to take myself too seriously. I post photos instantly, and I never bank them. I believe that Instagram is instant. It's not your portfolio. It's a social app. I try to be as transparent and authentic as possible. So my advice would be to have genuine and raw content. 

Looking back, What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

I remember trying to change the way I dressed to fit in, before realizing that I was really comfortable in the clothes I chose to wear. My friends joke that I am always in uniform, and that suits me fine. Fashion to me is about comfort, and not in the physical sense. It is about being comfortable in your skin. You can walk into a room and own it in your favorite jeans, or you can feel awkward and self-conscious in a beautiful gown that doesn't fit quite as well. That's why it's so important that I feel good in my clothes. My advice is always be yourself and love that person. 



You are a "fitspiration" to most of us! What's your current workout routine and top fitness tips?

Thank you! My favorite workout in Dubai is at Barry's Boot camp. When I visit Amman, I love crossfit quicksand. I like to workout with my sister because she motivates me, so find a gym partner that will drag you to the gym when you need a push or will force you to do one more rep because they know you can! 

as a style icon, What are this season's wardrobe staples?

My staples are always the same, season after season; great fitting jeans, blazers, and lots of white t-shirts. I keep updating my wardrobe with practically the same pieces every year! 










Finally, here are some fire questions:

Favorite childhood memory?
Riding on our bicycles in the back garden with my brothers

Best gift I've ever received: 
My nephews and niece made me a card before I moved to Dubai, it had all beautiful little notes and scribbles on it. And the best part? They stuck a $5 note inside

Favourite travel destination:
New York

Current favourite workout song:  
Alive by Sia

All time favourite cuisine:

One beauty item you can't live a day without:
Bioderma's SPF 50

**Follow Hannah on Instagram @Hannah_Rasekh and check out her full portfolio on www.hannahrasekh.com**

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