Fit at 50: How One Woman Got The Best Figure Of Her Life At 50 Years Old

C&G's Mission is simple; We want to inspire women to be the best versions of themselves. And what better inspiration than those amazing #Fitspo ladies? Today's #BossGirl is a living proof that fitness is limitless and that the idea of "Its too late to get fit" is simply a lie. 

Angie Voluti

Angie Voluti

We spoke to Pole fitness and flexibility yoga wheel 52-year-old instructor Angie Voluti who is on a mission to inspire women get their best bodies at any age after transforming her own life and getting certified as an advanced Yoga instructor at the age of 51. 

Angie owns and runs The White Studio, a fitness hub offers classes located in the UK.

"I am living proof that you don't need to be 20 to become supple, flexible and fit," says Angie

You embarked on quite an incredible fitness journey here, can you tell us how you started and most importantly what brought the urge to change?

I was unhappy with my personal life. I had concentrated so much on work and my career, and not so much on myself. I had no female friends (I work in a male-dominated industry) and no time to do anything I like. I came across Pole Fitness and since I like a challenge, I found it quite adequate. I am extremely competitive, and even push myself against myself, so every class brought a new level, every stretching achieved a new pose. I kept pushing and pushing and continuing to go - consistency is the key word here - and I just simply got addicted. 

Angie Voluti

Angie Voluti

We were brought up to believe that our bodies and energy slow down as we grow up, you are a living proof that this is wrong, when did you realize that you can challenge and beat the pre-set ideas?

I firmly believe that our body is controlled by our mind, and not the other way round. I set goals, I beat them, I set new ones. I did not set out to compete or win awards. But every time I achieved a new height, the feeling was so powerful my body asked for more. Not once did I ever think “Oh God, I am 50, what am I doing?” The attitude, for me, has always been “OK, I can do this, what’s next?” - Its all about the attitude.

What were the most important lessons you learned along the way?

Sometimes your mind will leave your body behind. More accurately, if you haven’t trained all your life, and suddenly start researching and developing your own amazing flexibility yoga wheel, give your body some time to let you know what it can do, and what it cannot do (straightaway, at least). I busted my L5 disc last year, because I was attempting a pole move which was a couple of levels above my abilities. I learnt that constant, (if gentle) stretching and training will condition your body to recover much quicker. I was almost fully recovered in ten weeks instead of nine months.   

Looking back, What fitness advises would you give to your 20-year-old self?

START POLE DANCING AND FLEXIBILITY WHEEL TRAINING STRAIGHTAWAY! Not because I wasted time, but because it is amazingly good fun and I missed out then. 

What are your top advises and tips for those who want to be fit at any age?

Want to go gentle? Do so. But bloody well do it! Regular exercise and stretching will keep you supple. Challenge yourself. Scare yourself a little and keep going.

Angie Voluti

Angie Voluti

Whats your current workout routine and diet?

I train at advanced level for pole fitness two or three times a week. I teach classes and private sessions another two or three times a week. I use my flexibility wheel almost every day for an hour (I started with the prototype last year, after two years of research and development, and now I have my own standard one, with a bat engraved inside it - bats are my favorite animal).  

Finally, what fad diets/workout programs you would advice people to stay away from?

Anything at all that feels punishing, and makes you miserable. Not worth it, and that’s not the spirit of fitness. 

And Finally, here are some fire questions...

  • Favorite go-to breakfast? seven-seed wholemeal bread, toasted, with marmalade 
  • Current favorite workout song? Despacito 
  • One workout item you cant live without? My flexibility wheel! 
  • Best workout motivation (For when you are having a not-so-great day)? I take photos of ‘before’ and ‘after’ with a gap of a month between them. The “after” photo always motivates me to do better.  
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