10 Investments to make in yourself before year-end

Having officially reached the half-year mark of 2017, I bet you are all assessing how much you got done from your New year's goals and what you need to do next. One of the things I talked about earlier was the importance of focusing on YOU. So how much have you done for yourself to date?


As a career woman, you are your biggest asset. So it should be your number 1 priority to invest in yourself before anything else. So, here are a few investments you should make in yourself before this year ends.

Invest in your health

Nourishing your body will not only keep you energized and focused, but will also lead to more happiness. So buy organic whenever possible, ensure you get your healthy mix of macros every single day. Sign up to a meal plan that will keep you on track. My favorite is Joe Wick's the 90 Days plan

Sort out your finances

In today's consumer-driven world, its becoming really hard to keep track of all the unnecessary spending and to really make sure we have a healthy savings account. One of the best advises I heard recently was "to skip the 4$ daily coffee cup, and instead, bank this money in your savings daily". Thats Almost 1500$ Per year and thats just on coffee. Imagine if you did the same with everything else, how much will you save or spend on paying bills, buying higher quality food or anything else you really need instead? 

Create your 5-year plan A (& B)

Change is imminent and today's fast-paced world it comes more sudden than ever. So Sit down with yourself and finally put your 5-year plan in words (or create a vision board if you prefer). Make sure you start with the question "How is success to me? and how do I get there?". Create three tracks: Family-related, Career, and Money. Describe the ultimate goal for the three tracks then start working backwards to plan how to get there. 

Then, put a plan B. What if tomorrow you lose your job? What if your family needs to move to another country? This will put your mind in a state to always be ready for any positive (or negative) changes that will impact your plan.

Prioritize working out in your diary

The number 1 excuse I often hear from mothers and working women is that there is no time for working out. Well, news flash, there is ALWAYS time for working out. Its a matter of pure priorities. Instead of spending 30 minutes scanning Instagram pictures or Netflixing, why don't you squeeze in a HIIT session 3 times a week? According to various health experts, this is the number 1 fat blasting exercise and it literally takes 1.5 hours a week!

Deal with stress the healthy way

Stress is a good mean of pushing you reach your goals. But, being overly stressed occurs when there is too much pressure for you to handle. You have to come to terms with the fact that slow and steady will get you much further. Take your time and don’t try to tackle too much at once and the stress you feel will be a good thing. If you’re feeling stressed, take sometime to plan and organize your tasks with a to-do list, prioritize, accept that you can not do everything at the same time and start with the tasks that will have the biggest impact.

Invest in your knowledge

Continuous learning is the way to go when it comes to advancing your career. Being multi-skilled these days is becoming a norm. Companies often look for marketers, who can also do comms, are SEO experts and can plan strategically and lead big teams and agencies. 

Check out online courses that you can take ranging from half an hour to 4 hours, on LinkedIn Learning

Take the break you deserve

Beside recharging, travelling makes us more aware of the world we live in and opens our mind to different realities and possibilities (and maybe even opportunities). So make sure you take out this bucket list and decide which destination you will head to this year. Plan your days off well in advance so that you leave with a clear work to-do list. Figure out how much you need to save and work your way to T-day!

Get your skin routine in check

Long working hours and stress can lead to skin break-outs and glow-less skin. So before summer starts, check if the current skin routine is working for you. I try to mix products up but I mostly go for organic or natural whenever I can. If you need some inspiration, check out LA Blogger Sazan's skin routine.

Make some time for your hobbies

Nourishing your hobbies will make you a happier person. So instead of consuming content, why dont you create instead? Whether its writing, pottery, knitting, reading or painting. Whatever it is, make sure you spare sometime every week to invest in the thing you love. This will increase your happiness instantly and maybe even turn this hobby into a business one day?

Spare a handful of minutes everyday to wind down

When was the last time you sat down and did nothing? No phone, texting, tv, or eating. Just staring into the ceiling and doing nothing? That in fact is such an important step to wind down and control stress. Spare 10 minutes at the end of everyday where you just sit in your favorite spot, take deep breaths and think about what happened during the day.

Let go of any negative thoughts and focus on what you achieved instead. Dont turn this into a time where you punish yourself but rather forgive and celebrate any good things you've got done. Be kind and remind yourself that YOU are your number one priority.