6 Things to do right now to improve your life

Juggling a few balls at the same time and following the same daily routine can get tiring and overwhelming at times. There are days when I catch myself daydreaming of taking my bag, walking out of the door and just driving for hours aimlessly. That's when I know I need to really take sometime to take care of myself and slow down.


So here are some of the tried and tested tips to instantly improve your life and get you in a much better mood and shape.

Use you days off smartly

Weekend came around and all you did was lounge in your pajamas binge watching some NetlFlix series? Well, one of the instant mood lifters is to be out and about on your days off. Use those days to really disconnect. Long weekend? Take the girls for a nice road trip. A one day weekend? Go outside, enjoy the weather, meet friends, chat, laugh, eat...anything would be better than spending it inside

Do something that makes you uncomfortable

This is a cliche but it really does work! Whenever I want to break out of my routine, I do something that scares me. Either its singing Karaoke, or trying surfing or skiing for the first time. Whoever said happiness is on the other side of fear was absolutely right! You will feel accomplished and like a #BossGirl


That sounds strange but one of the most soothing exercises I ever do is to de-clutter my home. I throw away old stuff I dont need anymore, give away re-usable stuff and recycle. It makes you feel 10X better than sitting around surrounded by old subjects that are just gathering dusts. 

Smile, for no reason

That sounds crazy, but last week I had a very bad day. There was nothing I can do to fix it instantly, so I started smiling. I smiled looking at my laptop, while eating, while walking or driving, and guess what? You start to feel better as you train your brain to "feel" happy instead of waiting to feel happy

Steer away from negativity

I read something last week about "The Energy Draculas" and it made so much sense. The article spoke about how negative people suck your energy and leave you feel drained and sad. If you want to improve your life, cut these people out of your life, or if you have to deal with them, keep it to a minimum. It will make TONS of difference. 

Make - at least - one healthy choice a day

Walk instead of driving, have a healthy salad for lunch or squeeze in a gym session after work. If you started taking care of yourself and living more healthy, it instantly lifts your mood and your self-worth. Not to mention it will eventually get you that summer body you have always been after!

Small changes will go a long way. What are your instant life improvement tips? Share below!