7 New Year's Resolutions For the Career girl

Image via @CareerGirlDaily

Image via @CareerGirlDaily

Its time to bid farewell to yet another year, thank it for all the lessons and set out to kick ass in the coming year! If your new year's resolutions are more about advancing your career, then this list is for you!

Sleep with the curtains open

Advancing your career means becoming more productive. If you are up early everyday, you will get more done in the most productive hours of the day. Sleep with your curtains open and you will never need an alarm. Your body will wake up and become much more alert once the sun rises and you will have more time to get things done without the stress of rushing in the morning.

Speak up more

This is the number one issue I always see with career girls. We sometimes fear to speak up our mind because we are afraid of being judged (and not being liked). This year, get out of your comfort zone and speak up your mind in meetings or in conferences. You might be positively surprised with how different people will look at you or even start noticing you for the first time.

Stop sacrificing your life for work

Working long hours might seem like a short cut to getting more done but it will soon start taking a toll on your happiness. Remember, you can get as much done in 6 hours, in 12 hours. The key is being productive, managing your time much more efficiently and prioritizing your tasks. You need to also schedule your social/personal time and aim to spend it. Getting out of your work zone and mingling with people regularly will help you de-stress and become even more motivated.

Set a 5-year plan (for real this time)

This is one of those things we always say we will do but never actually do. Simply because its daunting thinking about the future and how far we are from realizing our dreams. This January, take a day off, go somewhere you like, sip on your lovely coffee/tea/juice and sit down with a pen and a paper. Lay out in one sentence where you want to be in 3-5 years from now. Now start planning backwards. If you want to be a business owner in 5 years, how much money you need to save? What experience you need to gain? Backward plan until you reach where you are today and see what needs to be changed or added to what you are doing today to reach your dream. Set small milestones for every few weeks/months and the more you get done, the more empowered you will feel and the closer you will get to realizing your dreams.

Take good care of your body

This sounds like a cliche, but after a personal experience from moving from the couch to the gym, I have to say it couldn't be more true. When you have a system or a healthy life routine, everything starts falling into place. After spending now over 4 months of exercising regularly, not only have a become a lot healthier but also happier and much more productive at work.

Make "No" your new word

Saying No can be a bit scary, simply because we believe it will make us less likable. But if we continue saying yes to everything that is thrown at our desks (or inbox), we will drift further and further apart from reaching your targets. This year, vow to say No to everything that does not support your goals and targets. Worried about sounding negative? Offer an alternative solution where possible.

Banish the negative peeps

There are in general 4 types of people you dont need in your life. Those people who are more negative than happy, and bring you down with each word or action. If you aim to advance your career, you need to surround yourself with like-minded positive people who at the very least will be supportive of your goals and who you aim to be. 

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