The Power of The Burgundy Lips

It was a gorgeous spring day in Paris as I walked into one of the world's biggest Sephora stores, located in Le Champs-Elysees. I was filled with a girlie giddiness as I moved down the aisles stocked with endless perfume bottles, beauty products and make up from the world's biggest brands. Passing by the Chanel stand, this deep matte shade of lipstick tugged at my helms for attention. 

Before that moment I had never worn that daring shade of Burgundy in my life. I tried it, perhaps purely out of curiosity, and as it moved over my lips I felt its soft texture wrap it in a way I have never experienced before. It was warm and soft and smelled of petals. I looked in the mirror and starred for the longest time. It was strong yet feminine, just like a Parisian Spring day.

“Looks gorgeous on you! Which shade is that?” I was taken back by the sound of a lady next to me who have apparently liked what she saw and wanted to try it too. As someone who goes bare-faced most days and is usually subtle in my make up looks, I didn’t know how to feel about wearing it in public but as more and more ladies started asking my help to point them to which shade is it, I became certain that this shade is coming home with me.

As I was proceeding to the cashier, I remembered I was still wearing the daring shade. I stopped to ask a shop assistant for a tissue so I can remove it. “Why!?” She was beyond mortified. “Because its morning and its still broad day light?”, I hesitated in response. “So what? You are young and beautiful! And its spring time in Paris! Celebrate it and enjoy life!” And so I did.

I was leaving the shop behind and stepping into the crisp fresh air of Parisian Spring with my enhanced look, I knew Burgundy lips would be my new super power.

Nada ElMahdiComment