Dressing right for your skin tone!

In the fashion world, there is a very strong focus on the seasonal colors and little about how to wear a color that suits you and brings out your best. Finding the right color for your skin tone is serious business and that's why I am sharing an easy guide to complimenting your skin tone, so you’ll never be caught wearing the wrong color again.

There are three main color types: Light-skinned, Medium-Skinned and Dark-skinned.

How to determine your skin tone? Easy.

The easiest way to tell is to look at the color of your skin is by looking at the color of your veins.
If your veins appear to be blue, you are light-skinned.
If it appear to be purple, you are medium-skinned.
If it appear to be green, you are dark-skinned.
If you have a mix of two colors (For ex.: blue/green), then you are in between tones and you can probably dress from both tones.


Celebrities: Katy Perry, Scarlette Johannson, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone.
Best Colors: Green/Emerald, Baby Blue, Camel
Best look: Jewel tones, pastels and tan colors are best to revive fair skin. Pair it with red lipstick for a pop color.


Celebrities: Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis
Best Colors: White, Metallics, Grey, Yellow, Neon
Best look: Gorgeous bronzed skin can pull off all types of metallics (Silver, tan..etc) and white. If you have a slightly fair skin then grey would work best for you and if you really want to stand out, you can definitely pull off the neon/loud yellow colors!


Celebrities: Rihanna, Lupita Gall, Beyonce
Best Colors: Light yellow, Red, Royal Blue
Best look: Bold colors like blue and red as well as most pastels will bring out the best of those with the cocoa colored skin.

What other colors you think suit your skin well? Comment below and tell us!
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