“Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.” 

From the 17th century and until this day, denim has been woven, used and discarded; made into upholstery, pants and awnings; found in museums, attics, antique stores and archaeological digs. The fact that Denim is one of the rare fabrics which continues to be used and re-used over centuries and decades makes it “eternally young”. 

One of the most unique boutiques and concepts I have ever seen, Sauce, has launched yesterday (April 22nd) their First ever capsule collection - This Is Denim.

True to the name, the Denim collection is a sweet throwback to beautiful & light denim dresses, kaftans, 70's inspired skirts and buttoned down shirts featuring beautiful floral embroidery in the softest denim fabric I have seen in a while. Each piece makes a statement of its own and can be easily dressed down or dressed up and takes you effortlessly from day to evening.


My favorite piece is the Amelia Dress and which I wore to the Launch Party at Sauce, Dubai Mall.

Just like the collection, the launch party stayed true to the theme. With Denim and floral-print biscuits,  to denim lemonade bottles it was truly refreshing.












With Here are a few more pix from the Launch Party.

With the lovely @SheidaFashionista

With the lovely @SheidaFashionista

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