What I Would Tell My Younger Self Today

I've been doing a lot of self-reflection lately. And while I would not change a thing about my life, there are a few advises I wish I can give to myself back then. Here are the top ones.

Stop being so afraid

Enough with the self-induced fear. At times it will be toxic, hold you back from experiencing life, or taking on a new challenge. Stop being in constant fear of losing something, of people judging you, of disappointing your parents. Just stop being so fearful, you'll be fine, I promise.

Its OK to fail every now and then

Failing does not mean you are a failure. I know you are damn competitive but there is a massive difference between making mistakes and moving on, and failing because you simply don't try. Focus more on learning than on succeeding. The wisest and smartest people you will meet later on are those who made undeniable, confidence-shaking mistakes. That's how you will grow faster and smarter.

Be more forgiving

..To others but most importantly yourself. Stop holding yourself on a pedestal and aiming for perfection. No body is ever perfect so stop trying. Stop paining yourself with things you "Should have done" and "Shouldn't have done". Let go of the grudge as it will only weigh you down. Be kind and smile in the face of those who hurt you. Chances are, they are fighting their own dark battles. 

Travel a lot more

Save money on food, clothes and unneeded outings; and travel more. Experience other cultures and meet new people. The world is filled with beautiful contrasts and the more you explore, the more you will find out what you love and who you want to be.

And on differences, embrace yours

People were created different and are not meant to be similar. Stop trying to hide what you believe makes you different from those around you. Embrace who you are, where you come from, your beliefs, as that's what makes you unique. When you grow up, you will realize that at times others looked up to you as well but you were just too stubborn to see it.

Do your squats and eat your greens

Its true what they have been telling you. The more junk in your teens and twenties, the more you will struggle later on to shift the weight. Get into the habit of exercising 3 times a week before you hit 21. You will thank yourself later for it.

Be friends with the right people

It takes a lot of courage to let go of friends but the wrong people will only bring you down, fill your life with negativity and shutter your self-confidence. You know exactly who you shouldn't be around and its time you trust your instinct and walk away. Instead, Surround yourself with people who love and cherish you and who wants you just the way you are.

Cherish your family more

When you grow up, your family will become the only constant thing in your life and your main support system. Spend time getting closer to your parents, your cousins, your uncles and aunts. They might be gone tomorrow and you will be filled with regret.

Don't worry much about making it in life

Stop worrying so much about finding love, answers and success. Don't stress about not making it in life and fitting into the perfect frame. Let go a little, actually a lot. Stop trying to control the future and just live in the weird magic of the now and let life happen.