Bab AlShams: A Dreamy Arabian Desert Getaway

Dunes and Dunes of endless golden sand
Sun kissed beige alleyways
The warm sun wrapping our bodies, the light breeze swaying the palm trees around and toying with our hair
The smell of hanging roses mixed with a subtle amber scent...

An infinity pool nestled in the middle of this desert oasis
Bare floors..chilled pool water..iced coconut drinks
A good book..soft music in the background mixed with the sound of lazy laps of water
Subtle laughter..happiness...coziness..relaxation

An air-conditioned cozy room
Warm beige, orange and burgundy palettes
Fluffy white bed and big comfortable pillows
Dimly lit candles..Rose petals..Bubble bath
Dinner on the patio; just us two..

Midnight breeze, Moon light mirrored on the sand dunes
A bottle of bubbly..A chocolate cake that spells out "Happy Anniversary"
Love is in the air..that feeling that warms your heart and awakens your senses...

An anniversary celebration..a true luxurious romantic weekend..
A dreamy desert getaway..


Click here to check out a short video for the property, shot exclusively for C&G