On happiness, Self-love & Not Following The Crowd

The essence of what Curls&Glows has been built on is inspiring other women to live happily. Being happy doesn't mean being perfect, but rather, being comfortable in your own skin, being a better version of yourself, and making sure you are leading the life you dreamed about - whatever that is.

The piece below has been written by the #GirlBoss May Mamdouh. May is a beautiful mother, a successful career girl, and someone who is leading a happy life after many trials and tribulations.

Today she shares with us what was behind her happiness. Over to you May...


Photo Credit: Mother Nature Network

Photo Credit: Mother Nature Network

I consider myself a happy person.
I have been through a lot of wonderful and enriching experiences but I also had my share of mistakes.
It's one of those moments and I want to share what I learned, might help my younger friends:

Stay modest

You're not as special as you think you are; there is always someone who is better, so please stay on the ground. I was brought up to believe I was very special because I had a few talents and it made me think I was better than a lot of the opportunities I was offered. I was wrong. Even the most clever people have to start small and grow. Nothing worth having comes easily.

It's ok to change your mind

You will all the time so don't let anyone pressure you for doing so. When I started thinking differently about things, I was faced with a lot of criticism and my reaction was very defensive. Smart people question things, but smart people also avoid unnecessary debates. And kind people aren't cruel to people whose opinions are different. Be smart and kind, it's s winning combo.

Don't go with the flow

I've lived my life in the fear of missing out; I feared missing out on getting the best grades at high school or studying pharmacy, I feared missing out on the corporate race, I feared missing out on marriage. And looking back, I missed out on a lot in the process. I stopped doing the things I loved. I couldn't say no to relations or jobs that I knew I wasn't into. Only not long ago, this has changed. I realized the power of not caring. I now do what I want and I am not part of a stupid race anymore. I learnt that you don't have to follow the herd to succeed. All you need is hard work, persistence and a little bit of faith.

In love, love yourself first

Be selfish. It's the best lesson I learnt. If you don't value yourself, don't expect anyone else to do it. I've seen all disasters happen when a person stops loving himself. Please don't postpone this love, not after you shed five kilos or after you get promoted. Love yourself now.

Don't shut your feelings down

At some point I thought feelings pull me down. My parents worries, homesickness, heartaches. What I did next was shut them down, like I didn't need feelings. Instead they piled up and became a huge burden. If you feel something, express it then face it. Someone once told me if you show feelings you are weak, it's not true! If you show feelings you are brave and, most importantly, you are healthy.

Most importantly.. 

I learnt that family comes first, that when you give love you receive love and when you work hard and you believe in yourself you get somewhere. Happiness is what counts at the end.

Photo Source: Psychologies

Photo Source: Psychologies