5 Signs you are marrying the right guy


Ever since the wedding season has started (and still going strong..), I have been thinking a lot about marriage and the perfect relationship riddle. I've witnessed brides who had second thoughts, brides who were so nervous and emotional, and brides who (almost) ended things last minute and it all got me thinking...

I remember vividly my wedding day. Our apartment flooded with uncontrollable water and all the wooden floors were ruined, my wedding decorator was no where to be found, my pre-wedding video was no where near finished, my husband forgot to buy a suit-shirt..just to name a few. This all led to me and my husband having the biggest fight we have ever had in our 7-year relationship. He thought I am too careless and I thought he is too depressing for a groom. We were kicking and screaming up to our first dance while our friends watched in horror anticipating one of us to ditch the wedding at any second.

The one thing that kept us both going that day (Beside the fact that my mum was going to kill me if I bailed out last minute!), was the deep belief that we are meant for each other, that we are doing the right thing and that there is absolutely no one that can replace the other.

But its not always easy to look past the small things and have this inner peace while things are falling apart, especially during one of the first and biggest tests you pass through - Marriage commitment. So here are 5 signs I've gathered from different couples of all ages on how to know you are marrying the right person during all the wedding circus.

You can depend on him

One of the first major signs is your ability to trust and depend on your man. This is not only about the wedding but rather a sneak peak of your entire marriage. You each have your tasks and are under enormous stress to complete your never-ending to-do list. So there is nothing like feeling you have a partner who is working just as hard to make sure everything is perfect and done before the big day is here.

He treats your family well

Whether we like it or not, Families are a major part of any marriage especially in our part of the world. Any man knows that being part of your life means being part of your family. You will always have your differences with his family and he will have some with yours. However, there are certain boundaries especially when it comes to respecting families. He can quietly disagree with your parents' approach to certain aspects, but heated discussions and fights should only be between you both. Besides, he will make the effort to get to know your family, not for them but rather for you. Now, that's a winner.

You look forward for your life together more than the wedding party

Every bride dreams about the wedding day and how perfect it should be. With the Social media and what it brought along of the "Picture perfect" concepts, I saw a lot of women get caught in the whole wedding hoopla, looking perfect, acting perfect, and turning heads and swirling gossip, more than the actual marriage. 

Wedding is a few hours thing, a picture on your (facebook) wall, but what is here to last forever is your relationship and marriage. One major mistake people fall in is believing that marriage will fix issues. It wont. Marriage is like an empty box and what fills it is the love, trust, issues, and differences you both had before getting married. You can off course obsess about the wedding day as much as you need to, but if you both cant wait till this is all over and you are living together, then that's a great sign.

You know he loves you

You just know it. He lifts your spirits higher when you are down,  knows how you take your coffee, listens to you while whining about the extra 3 kilos you need to lose for ages and respects and treats you well. If he makes you feel special even on your worse days,  he is the husband for you!

You feel happy. Period.

Your day doesn't have to be jammed with outings, parties and socializing for you to feel happy. You can sit together doing nothing and still feel enjoy every second. 

You cant wait till he sees you in your wedding gown, you cant wait for your first dance as a couple and you simply cant wait to be in your new home together. That's the man you should be marrying.

Nada ElMahdi3 Comments