A Tropical Getaway: The Seychelles

Beds of endless green mountains covered with palms swaying lazily in the background... Crystal blue waters glistening ahead at the horizon where the Sun is slowly moving to kiss the sea goodnight..birds whispering joyful melodies as they race back to their little nests.. and I am taking short lazy steps, enjoying every single second of it..observing and absorbing it all in.

The Seychelles; Sublime white shores, lapped by the Indian Ocean. Its great allure and extraordinary wildlife makes this unique blend of the African mystique and the exotic island.

We have arrived to Praslin island 4 days earlier, the second biggest island in Seychelles and we have been mesmerized by this island's fascinating vibe. With its vast expanses of white sand coast and tropical forest and the tranquil beaches, it has been pure heaven.

But Praslin has something unique to offer to the world; it is one of only two islands where the Seychelles' endemic coconut Coco de Mer grows - which as the world's largest seed has been recorded to weigh up to 42 kilograms - and while being the archipelago's national bird, the Seychelles black parrot can only found here too.

I had the pleasure of learning this in our very first visit to a tropical forest, the island's nature reserve; Vallee de Mai, which has been bewildering. Due to its natural riches has been declared a World Heritage Site, the place is breathtaking...back in the nineteenth century the British General Charles George Gordon even tried to prove that this valley was in fact the actual Garden of Eden. This is how beautiful and unique this place is.

"Mummy...mummy...poo!" as my baby girl rushes to catch up with me, she points to the sea excitedly and keeps referring to it as a "pool" (A.k.a Poo in her own language)...She loves the water - just like her daddy - and I am proud and content we managed to give her a fair share of swimming in this trip. 

I pick her up and kiss her cheek with a little bite, "I know baby! But its food time"..as if she realized what I was saying, her face fell into a small little frown as she stared out to the sea with a sad little pout.

Its getting chilly now but I cant seem to tear myself away from the moment. "Shall we get dinner? I am starved!" My hubby expressed with a desperate expression after catching up with us, breathless from chasing our baby for the past hour. and Who can blame him? He has been set to show her a good time in the sun and sea - while I lounged most of the day with my good book and iced coffee - "let's go then", I finally put an end to his misery, feeling famished myself on the mention of food.

The food has been an absolute pleasure on this island. Every dish is unique, simple yet complicated...a burst of different tastes with sweet and spicy flavors in each and every dish. A lovely fusion of the Indian, African, Chinese and french favorite dishes and  that makes up to the Seychellois Creole unique cuisine. 

Before we take the last turn off the beach stroll and reach our restaurant stop, I stop to catch the last few seconds of the sunset..This right here, right this moment, is perfection. No stress, just pure happiness...this trip has wiped away all of our life worries. Seychelles has been our very own soul detox and the perfect short getaway...Right here is where I can stay forever.

My husband plants a kiss on my forehead and I feel him smiling. "Ready to go baby?", he asks and I know he was not referring to dinner but to going home the very next day. "Yes...We are bringing back so many pictures, memories and coconut...I will be just fine!" I said with a smile. 

We locked hands us three, walking further and further away from the white sands..and I know deep down that we will be back again one day.

This was heaven.


Stay at: Raffles Praslin, Incredible Panoramic View Villa
Eat At: 'Pirogue' Restaurant in down town, Great Local Food
Experience: Curieuse Island, a short boat drive from Praslin where you can feed the massive turtles and check Coco le Mer

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