My husband and I were doing the Dubai ritual of strolling around the mall as we do almost every week. We come to a trendy boutique and decided to take a peek in. I do a quick inventory while taking mental notes of the trends: Midi skirts in different prints, 70’s flary jeans, wooden and ivory clutches...and then I spotted it, a big cap with a massive plastic Unicorn on the top.   

Four years ago, I have just moved to Dubai and I was fascinated and completely overwhelmed with this incredible city and the gorgeous women oozing style and walking trendily around. Shortly after, I started experimenting different new styles in a trial to ‘experience’ life in the city. A few frustrating dressing room moments went by when I tried to convince the woman in the mirror that it does look good but it’s just that I need to get used to the new style.

Then two years later on a warm April evening, I had a major launch party to get to and naturally was obsessed with what to wear. I had two choices; a simple fit little black dress which I had a killer Carolina Hererra Gold & Black Necklace to accessorize it with, or another 'trendy' five-color rainbow dress which not only looks more like a curtain but does not even flatter my figure.

Torn between following the fashpack and wearing what makes me feel pretty; I found myself asking a very simple question: which one would make me feel confident today and still make me proud in a photo album 20 years from now?

I put on the black dress…and lived by this question in every fashion choice I have made ever since. This was the day I got to know MY fashion style.

At some point of every woman’s life, we become lost in the hype of dressing for trends, dressing for others and buying that rainbow dress that everyone is telling you it’s a must-have.

I salute all the gorgeous fashionistas out there who act daily as inspirational figures and who embrace new trends bravely, but I have tried time and time again and learnt eventually that I  can never pull off a trend that I am not sure of.

Simple, classic yet trendy, flattering cuts and colors on top of confidence, comfort and femininity are the characteristics I aim to use to define how I style my outfits daily.

And that's why I am passing on the Unicorn Cap for now.

Have you discovered your style yet? How does it define you and your everyday choices?  I would love to hear about your different style journeys.