How to re-do your life in the new year

I love beginnings. The start of everything new is exciting, refreshing, energizing and filled with endless possibilities. Each new year comes with its own set of challenges, happiness, changes and experiences. One thing is for sure, we all start each new year with hope. We hope for the best and promise to become the best version of our selves all with one intention in our heart, find happiness.


Today, I am sharing with you a few tips and tricks, all which has worked with me in previous years and which helped me revamp my life and inject happiness and positivity in it.

Get yourself organized

When you are organized, you feel more in control over your life. Start using the calendar on your phone, or even buy a cute planner if this is your type of thing. Write down your weekly to-do lists. Everything from grocery shopping, to work to get done, to stuff to fix in the house or even people you want to get in touch with. When you are organized, you manage your time much better and it helps you relax and be more calm.

Set a plan for your next play

Whether you want to move houses, jobs, end or start marriages or relationships, start a family or a new business, you need a plan. A goal without a plan is only a dream and its only with a good realistic and achievable plan that you can get to where you want to be and accelerate success. 

Start by talking to relevant people who would give you ideas on how to start and succeed in whatever are aiming for. Do your homework, write notes (in your new fancy planner), and set a plan with timelines and push yourself to take the first step which is always the hardest. Once you do, I promise it will all start happening and you will find yourself achieving more and more and getting closer to your goal by the day.

Fall in love with yourself

If you dont accept and love yourself, you will always feel drained and worthless. You are special. There is only one YOU in the entire universe. You have special talents no body else does. Your body, your looks is exactly how it is supposed to be. Take good care of YOU. Nurture your body nutritious food and water and help it stay strong with exercise. Feed your soul with praying, meditation, good knowledgeable books and by surrounding your self with good people. LOVE yourself.

About people...

Aim to eliminate the negative people from your life and surround yourself with only positive loving people. We tend to absorb the energy and habits of those around us and you eventually become like the people you befriend. Start by X-ing out the friends who were dragging you behind and people who are generally negative and instead build quality friendships with positive loving friends, relatives, and your idols so you lift yourself up, boost your confidence and stay happy.

De-clutter your living space

The more stuff that clutters our living space, the more energy it sucks out of our surroundings. Start by getting rid of old things you dont need anymore, and keep an organized living space. Fill your house with greens so everyday you come home to a house that is spacious happy organized and all around easier to live in home.

Practice Positivity 

The power of positive thinking has been proven in all religions, beliefs and throughout centuries. When you think positive and de-stress your self, you invite goodness into your life. Keep your focus on your strengths, the good in your life, and only the half-full in everything. My motto in life: Its always half full-half full as its half filled with water, but the other half is filled with air.

Give back more

It is scientifically proven that people who give back to the society and the world are happier people. Its also karma rules that whatever you give, you will get back somehow. So set goals for yourself that you will give one day every month back to the society. One day a month where you volunteer to help someone in need, send money to the poor or participate in a community practice for good. You wont believe the positive impact this one simple day will have on the rest of your month.

Make time for family

Whether it is calling your parents or your siblings every week, visiting your single uncle or your sick grandparents, or even staying home more with your own spouse and kids, you need to make more time for your family. Family will always come first. Its where you get your happiness, confidence and self love. Promise yourself to dedicate one day a week to call your family, do something fun with your kids and set a date night with your spouse. 

Say Thank you

The more you show gratitude, the more you will start receiving back. So Thank your manager, colleagues, friends, family or even the barista who prepares your coffee on regular basis. People are happier when they feel appreciated and when you are the reason for someone else happiness, you will feel more content. 

Here is to a Happy Positive Successful 2016!

Nada ElMahdi4 Comments