Every Little Bit Counts

We all have our bad days. Days where we cant seem to have enough energy to get out of bed, feed the kids, go to work, deal with all that one comes with, run errands, exercise, and attend to all the people and things pulling us left and right. At days like these, as many of you, I used to sometimes give up, since I cant do it all, I choose to do 'Nothing at all'.

The "All or Nothing" syndrome

In today's world, we became obsessed with perfection, with having more, bigger and better and with becoming the best and while this ambition is what keeps us moving forward, its often coupled with an unhealthy approach of "All or nothing". If we cant do it all the way, we give up. Bit by bit this feeling eats us from inside and we start to adopt an unhealthy habit of giving up if I don't feel I cant excel at it. Little do we know that its those baby first steps that leads to running a marathon.

Two weeks ago I was going out of my mind.

I was trying to close a tremendous amount of work before I leave my current job, finish all my papers and requirements for the new job, apply for visas, pick up on the blog, head to workout classes, take my daughter to play dates, entertain visitors in the country, and everything else in between.

Then one day I woke up, having slept barely a handful of hours, I lacked the energy to get out of bed, It was 45 minutes before my Barre Class and I just thought; 'There is no way I would go and perform well today, so I might as well just skip it'. Then this idea grew in my mind and I started convincing myself; 'Since I am not working out and I am feeling drained and down today, then I will skip the diet too and treat myself to that cheesecake I have been craving for a while'.

Sounds Familiar?

Later on the same day, I came across an article which spoke about the "Every Little Bit Counts" approach. In a  nutshell, this is a shift in approach so instead of giving up entirely on getting a certain task or goal done if you cant "do it all", you take baby steps, even if it doesn't mean that you will get it all done or do it with perfection.

This in its turn inject positivity in your life and steer you away from adopting a sub-conscious giving up approach to life. Step by step, you will let go of torturing yourself with daunting tasks and instead encourage yourself to "keep going" even in the toughest of times. 

Every little bit counts...

Too tired to get to the gym? Just show up. It might not be your best performance  but you will feel great afterwards nonetheless. Don't have the energy to cook a proper meal? Just throw in some veggies and create a fresh salad, instead of giving in to unhealthy and pricey takeouts, your body will thank you for it. House is a mess? Start with fixing one room today in 10-15 minutes. Have 10 delayed tasks to do at work? Calm down, pick the most important one and clear your head and agenda for the day and focus on finalizing it. Delaying calling that friend of yours for months now, just text and let them know you are thinking about them. Even with pushing yourself to get over your ex, or a certain unfortunate event, start with baby steps, focus on getting by today and letting go bit by bit. And so on..
Every little bit counts.

When we start positively shifting our mindsets to focus on what we get done rather than overwhelming ourselves with what we haven't finished yet, we encourage ourselves to do even more and better, to have more patience and to decrease the mental and physical pressure that comes with it all.

Get what you can done today, then celebrate yourself, tell yourself "Good job" and "Well done" and do something for yourself.

Life is all about balance. Its not about overwhelming ourselves with daunting tasks. Keep that flow going and  you will be just fine. #behappy

Can you challenge yourself to live for a week with a "Every Little Bit Counts" attitude? Share your comments ans experiences below!

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