How to enjoy your birthday and banish the pity party

When I was a kid, my mother used to go out of her way to ensure I have the best birthday experience every single year. Starting from the best outfit, to the latest kids shows, to the long guest list and off course the cake. When I grew up, birthdays became so disappointing and depressing that I came to the verge of developing a birthday phobia - if thats a thing.

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The Race to Becoming SuperWoman

Its one of the fastest spreading syndromes in our generation. Do you have the Superwoman syndrome? And How you can stop yourself from losing your quitness, happiness and success over this? Read on to find out more.

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How to re-do your life in the new year

I love beginnings. The start of everything new is exciting, refreshing, energizing and filled with endless possibilities. Each new year comes with its own set of challenges, happiness, changes and experiences. One thing is for sure, we all start each new year with hope. We hope for the best and promise to become the best version of our selves all with one intention in our heart, find happiness.

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The Courage To Change

I must have dreaded this day for months, if not years...coming to think of it, I must have feared it from the very first moment I joined. You see, corporates have a funny way like that; it tends to make you dislike it but then again you love it too much and you get attached to it in a way that you always feel you want to leave but you are afraid to go all the same.

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Every Little Bit Counts

We all have our bad days. Days where we cant seem to have enough energy to get out of bed, feed the kids, go to work, deal with all that one comes with, run errands, exercise, and attend to all the people and things pulling us left and right. At days like these, as many of you, I used to sometimes give up, since I cant do it all, I choose to do Nothing at all.

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