Blaze: Not your average burger place

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Raise your hands if your go-to comfort food are Burgers and Fries (Girl raising hand emoji). Well, I’ve got some great news. The newest Burger joint is now open in Dubai and I have to warn, its got some serious addiction potential.

From the very first step into Blaze’s new restaurant on JBR’s Walk, you get a sense of the mood. It’s that bad-ass no-mess attitude that makes you immediately love and warm up to the place. After all, you are welcomed on the door step with a huge sign that states “No Stupid People beyond this point”!

As always, and since I only write about spots I really loved, below is the full experience and why you should be headed there too.

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JBR’s the Walk has undergone a lot of improvements in the past two years, adding a lot of cool spots and expanding on the gorgeous beach front location The Beach. However, it comes with a price which is traffic. To get to Blaze, you will need to get there either during weekdays or very early in the weekends to find a spot.


Once you get there though, The cool and vibrant industrial interiors of this burger joint will immediately transport you to a night in New York. The whole grafitti vibe just helps you kick back and chill the second you step in.


Blaze is all about getting the basics right. But expect a menu that is loaded with endless blends of toppings and choices that suits everyone.

First, we ordered the fries. You get to choose between 4 types of fries, add your own toppings and ask for your favorite sauces.  I went for the crazy fries (Obviously) which is loaded with cheese, bacon and jalapeno, as well as some Cajun fries to balance a bit.

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Next we selected our burgers. You get to choose from 6 patties (Includes chicken and portabellao mushroom) and from 3 buns (white, brown or lettuce wrap). Next you get to choose your own topping from 12 topping combinations or make your own. We went for the Texas BBQ, which is topped by Bacon and onion rings, Blue & Crunchy which has blue cheese sauce and for the third one, we went for The Barbarian which has a fried egg, beef bacon and herbal mayo.

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For all burgers we chose the gourmet beef patty, however, for our last one we were advised to try the “6abooga”, a double patty, double toast bun that is a specialty of the place.

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Food arrived, with beautiful and yummy presentation and guess what? It was the best.burger.EVER. Yes. You heard me. Im sorry for all the other burger places around but I don’t think I can ever have a burger somewhere else after Blaze! The quality of the meat is on another level, coupled with beautiful blends of toppings and unusual buns (6abooga I love u) best quality cheese and ingredients and you’ve got yourself addicted for life!


Just as we were waking up of our burger-heaven coma, dessert appeared. Im addicted to anything chocolaty, let alone a full hot skillet of gooey chocolate? With ice cream on top? And extra white chocolate side sauce? Ok brb…


The dish was really everything you can imagine. Moisty cake at the bottom and warm gooey chocolate on top, perfection in a skillet. In addition, we tried out the Caramel pop corn ice cream. I would say this didn’t hit the spot for me but because normally I’m not a caramel/pop corn person (as crazy as this might sound).


After we were done, we all agreed that this has been one of the best meals we have had in a long while. Given the fact that my (super picky) daughter for the first time ever ordered another round of food, that just says it all.


  • Overall experience: 5/5
  • Food: 6/5  (You read it right)
  • Service: 5/5 (Service was really good and food arrived relatively fast)
  • Vibe: 4/5 (Lovely interiors, was sort of a bit too quite though)
  • Great for: Everyday, All day. literally
  • Location: 3/5 (JBR can be very tricky in terms of parking and getting there)
  • Reservations: No reservations needed.
  • Website: 
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