Poke Poke Dubai: Every Foodie's Dream Eatery

If there is one thing I wished I could bring back from Hawaii, its the food. The freshness of the fish, the simplicity of each plate, full of an incredible nutritious mix of tastes that burst into your mouth.

So you can imagine my delight when I found Poke Poke Dubai, masters of the Poke dish, and the one I grew addicted to in our recent trip to Maui. I couldn't wait till we try out this one.

For those who don’t know it, Poke is Hawaii’s favorite food and for good reason: Poke is healthy, delicious and totally unique. It is served in a bowl, with a mix of carefully portioned Sushi rice, Ahi Tuna or Salmon fish - fresh and cut into equal chunks enough to give a plushness to the tongue – seaweed, sesame seeds, crushed garlic, wasabi, ginger and more.

Here is our detailed experience and review, completed with a discount for everyone at the bottom!



We arrived at Poke Poke in Jumeirah Beach Road, and our first impression was "the place is smaller than we thought”. However, we soon found it to be much more personal than a large franchise, and it allowed the staff to be more attentive to each customer. The interiors ooze an "Island life" vibe which immediately transported us back to our Hawaiian breezy afternoons.

We were there at around 6:30 PM but by 7 the place was buzzing with eaters from all walks of life. We saw the surfers, the healthy foodies, the post-workout meal-seekers, the dinner-grabbers, and many more, most of which were actually regulars and were recognized by the staff. This only proves the dish (and the restaurant) is a favorite for everyone who are guaranteed to find something they are craving on the day.


Then came the food. Oh the food..

First, here is the making of a Poke Bowl to set the scene.

Firstly, I truly loved the mix they had between the traditional Poke base and toppings, as well as the expanded choices on offer to include Chicken, cooked fish, eggs for vegetarians and even tofu for vegans. In addition, the toppings include various favorites that can simply make Poke Poke your go-to salad bar. How does one make a choice when you are spoiled with tens of choices and hundreds of combinations? You definitely ask the experts.

I had a brief discussion with Rahul, (One of their incredibly efficient, friendly and professional staff) who recommended the Hawaiian Poke dish, one of their 4 signature dishes. There are 3 sizes to pick from (Small, Medium and Large). I was starved so I went for the large (The Best, its called) with the white rice base (minus the mango), and added crushed garlic, seaweed, kale (citrus marinated, ginger pickle, wasabi, and topped it with a sesame Kewpie sauce which is non-spicy, but still gives the whole dish a kick. Check out their menu here.

I worked my way through my bowl in 3 minutes flat. With every single bite, flavors burst into my mouth and I fell back into my Hawaiian bliss. One advice, I would go for the "Medium" size, as for me the "Large" had too much rice in it.

They also do a yummy Ice cream, which was very popular amongst most customers. Definitely go for the peanut butter with the banana topping and coconut 'crumbles'. Heaven in a pot! 


One of the rare places I've been to recently where everyone starting the Manager (James) to their staff (We were served by Rahul, Rose & Phillip) is this attentive and simply, happy. It speaks lengths about the vibe in the place as well as their pride to be preparing such gorgeously colorful and delish plates!


I have to say I haven't had such a genuinely good meal in a really long time. Everything from the interiors, to the staff, to the food just ticked it all for me. It was so good we actually ordered it 3 times in the same week :) And this is precisely why it's hands down every foodie's dream restaurant!

  • Experience rating: 5/5 (I would rate it 6!)
  • Vibe: 5/5
  • Ideal for: A casual lunch or weekday dinner, takeouts and a good meal when craving sushi.
  • What we loved: The island vibe interiors, the lovely staff and the supperrrrr yummy food
  • Price: 60 AED for the signature plates, medium size
  • Bookings & contact details: http://pokepoke.com/


Just get there between the hours of 3pm - 7pm, Sunday to Thursday and just mention 'CURLSANDGLOWS' to the staff and enjoy!

Nada ElMahdiComment