5 Must-try Food Trucks in Truckers Summer Warehouse

With the mercury soaring in the UAE, it’s hard to find a fun way to spend your days other than the good ol' ‘mall’. However, Truckers DXB has just nailed it with their fresh & unique Summer Warehouse concept.

Headed there, we had no idea what to expect. After all, the venue is a bit unusual (Dubai World Trade Center). But stepping inside Hall 8, we knew this would be our fav hangout this summer! With music pumping, colorful funky decos, incredible food trucks (More about that in a sec), and even delicious drinks, it really was the perfect way to have an outdoor-sy afternoon in an indoor space. And just like previous Truckers events, its guaranteed fun for the whole family.

If you are headed there this weekend (Which we totally recommend), here are the top 5 food trucks you should not miss.

Swag Truck

This one had the best exterior design and food was simply everything you would want: Fresh, yummy and with something for everyone. We’ve had one of the best burgers ever there that is a mix between beef and Chorizo (So soft and yummy) together with their loaded fries with cheese and bacon, its our new favorite Street Food truck. 


Frings is a cool concept combining delicious yet simple dishes of Fries & Wings. We tried out their Chicken tenders with BBQ sauce and Fries and it was delish to say the least. But if you are feeling more adventurous, we highly recommend the Waffle Temptation menu with Chicken & Waffles with sides of Maple Syrup. Yumm!


On a diet for that summer bod? No problem. Pinza is 80% water and 20% whole wheat flour which makes it the world’s healthiest pizza. Head over to their pretty Yellow & baby blue truck and indulge in their Truffle Pinza or their best seller Pinzafied with Burrata and Margherita sauce minus the guilt. Need we say more?

For the sweet tooth


I love living in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai as you always have the coolest and most unusual food concepts. Cryspes is the latest addition to dessert trucks and its just perfect. The main dessert is made out of fluffy and crispy little funnel cakes (Aka, little bites of heaven) topped with Ice cream and a choice of Ferrero, Lotus or Nutella and Oreo to finish it. They also have fried Oreos. Ah, where have you been all my life?

Churros by YBRD

The ever-popular fried dough pastry is finally in Dubai and we are hooked. With unlimited fillings options (Our fav is Nutella) combined with the crispiness and sweetness of this magic dough, we guarantee you will be back for me. 

Nada ElMahdiComment