3 Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai

Dubai is known for its endless restaurant scene and we often find ourselves spending hours deciding on where to eat out. For me, I love having breakfasts out during the weekend. Its a nice way to kick start the day and just skip the cooking part. So, Here I'm sharing with you my top three favorite breakfast spots in #MyDubai. 

The Farm, AlBarari

One of the most gorgeous restaurant settings you will come across in the UAE. The restaurant is located inside AlBarari compound (Word has it that its the most expensive residential area in Dubai), and is open daily for breakfast from 8 to 11:30 am.

The food is so delicious and with options to suit all tastes; from Arabic to amazing waffles, and not to mention incredible coffee options. The only trick here is that you need to reserve early as it gets full quite fast. Check out menu and reserve a table here.

Arabian Tea House Cafe, Bastikaya & The Mall 

This one is just hands down the best breakfast experience in Dubai. Given the fact that the space itself is just so bright and located inside an old Emirati house and in a historical part of Dubai, which we dont get to come across everyday.

Recently it opened another branch in The Mall Jumeirah, located right infront of Burj AlArabi with the service and food quality just as great, its a happy medium to the Marina and JBR guys.

As for the food, They serve breakfasts "tray style" and its by far the most instagrammable breakfast of all. You get to choose between an Emiritai, Egyptian, or lebanese trays, and there are additional breakfast plates you can order such as Watermelon and cheese, Haloumi and more.

Added bonus? They serve you lovely mint tea and some traditional desserts on the house! Check out their menu, locations and more here.

Kris Kros Lebanon, Sheikh Zayed

I first came across this one in the Beach Canteen and ever since I've been hooked on their Shawerma wraps - ITS THE BEST! I went back recently and tried their breakfasts and I have to say this one doesnt disappoint. If you are into Lebanese food, this will be on top of your list for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Best part about it? Its open 24/7 so hello post-party food! Check out the menu and locations here.