Kay's Kitchen: Home-cooked meals with love

Living in the UAE, we are spoilt with choice for take-outs and some of the fanciest restaurants in the world. But one truth we cant forget, nothing beats a tasty home-cooked meal, regardless of your favorite cuisine.


Earlier, I came across Kay's Kitchen, a new meal delivery service that caters for anything from a meal for one up to full events catering and which has an incredible assortment of dishes from Arabic favorites, to delicious Mexican to even yummy desserts (Nutella cupcakes, anyone?). What makes it so special? For starters, they’re cooked with love from freshly bought ingredients, contain no additives or preservatives and still look and taste great.

So, I caught up with Karin Fikry (Aka Kay), Founder of Kay's Kitchen, gorgeous mother of twins, and someone who has been trained at the hands of some of Gordon Ramsy himself and Peter Gordon, to tell us more about the newly launched Kay's Kitchen, her inspirations, favorite picks and how to order.

So Kay, Tell me how did you come up with the idea and why did you decide to start it?

I gave up my professional career in marketing when I delivered my twin boys back in 2013… and my full time job thereafter was raising them. When they started school in 2016 I always had the urge to go back to work, when it actually hit me that it was going to be a real challenge to balance between my obligations towards the boys, my husband, and work and I kept asking myself how do other women and parents out there do it and when I kept looking around I found out that in a very busy lifestyle, like the one we are all living now, it was a real struggle.

So It was then that I decided that if I am to go through this hassle, I need to do what I love the most, my passion, which is cooking but in the best way that fits all… What also inspired me were those working moms and parents and so I wanted to make sure I pursue my passion in a way to assist super parents out there who are trying their level best to reach the best. Since then, I also came across a lot of busy people and especially expats who really don’t like to cook but truly miss delicious home cooked meals, over the usual junk food and high end dining.

As a mom, how do you ensure your kids healthy nutrition?

I always have to balance between fun food and balanced meals, it is always important to create an entertaining routine for the kids with a lot of varieties, even though that is usually easier said than done!

Tell us more about what you offer from Kay's kitchen?

We offer precooked meals that only require reheating as well as frozen dishes both of which can be ordered on the same day or preordered for a weekly meal plan. For larger orders or catering events, requests should be made several days in advance to ensure the best planning, purchase of freshly bought ingredients and providing freshly cooked meals. And if you are looking to impress while hosting an event, we also rent chic branded serving dishes which we can later pick up after the event.

You can order either daily meals (minimum 2 hours in advance), Weekly meals, where you can pre-order an entire plan ahead that will be delivered daily for the freshest food and at a discounted price. Small orders: (up to 3 plates of food) 2 hours in advance, Large orders: (more than 3 plates of food) 2 days in advance, Catering for weekend events (Fri. and Sat.): 2 days in advance

So, What 3 words describe Kay's Kitchen?

Quality, tasty, value for money

Your menu is extensive and has incredible choices from Arabic to Mexican, to Italian to Chinese to yummy desserts, Which one is your ultimate favorite recipe?

All of them are, but I really like the chicken stuffed fajita because it’s full of colors and very rich in flavors. 

Which one ingredient you cannot live without?


Who is your role model/inspiration?

My mom was the main reason I loved to cook but my inspiration was, is and always will be my husband.

How can we order from Kay's Kitchen?

Currently, it is only a phone call, message or email away… In a few days, it will be done through online ordering on our website. Right now, you can find all the details on our FB page here.

Any final words?

I cherish time… And Kay’s Kitchen is all about making life easier and tastier to our customers with no compromise.

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