11 steps to get organized once and for all

Image by: Girl-organized.com

Image by: Girl-organized.com

A messy life is a stressful life. Whether its always being late for something, have over a 1000 unopened email in your inbox or takes two people to close your closet every time; here are 10 steps to get organized this year and lead a happier healthier and more successful life.


Keep a neat inbox: First things first, unsubscribe to all junk newsletters and emails you get. You can use unroll.me for a swifter process. Start by responding to the newest emails and anything beyond a month, I suggest you delete it. I have a theory that if its been a month and no one tried to contact me again, then it probably wasn't important.

Closet clean-up: Yes, the dreaded task. But plan half a day and just start. Have this as your rule: If its too small, too big or havent been worn for about 2 years, then throw. And those jeans you are holding on to till you get to the gym and get skinny again? Toss. Because chances are once you are skinny, you will need new cooler jeans.

Clean Up your products & make-up: Start by checking expiry dates and toss all those expired or are about to expire. Do you really need 5 different scrubs and 11 different shades of the same lipstick? Just keep the absolute needed and toss the rest. This will also help you stick to a good skin care and make up routine rather than feeling overwhelmed. 

Clean up your office desk and drawer: Throw all the old papers and files you no longer need. Make sure you have a minimalist desk, it will help you feel and look more organized.

Create folders for all your imp docs: Your tax work, your contracts or any official docs need to be filed and stored in a safe place. That could be a chest drawer in your house or your office, but you need it somewhere for easy access all the time.

Social media 'detox': Go on your social media accounts and start un-following accounts & pages you no longer enjoy or feel is relevant to your life. Same goes for your friends list; do you really need to have that girl you met once in 1996 and never spoke or seen her since? Guess not..

Organize your kitchen and fridge: If you are planning to follow a healthier diet and eat clean this year, then its time to toss the processed and junk food. Go through your fridge and check products expiry date. You ideally need to end up with stuff that you really need to create your daily meals.

Never miss a payment: On your calendar, make sure you highlight all your credit card and installments payments and choose a pop color that will grab your attention. Plan to highlight the big dates for the entire year and sync it with your phone so you get the notifications instantly.

Factor in "Commute" time: One trick that works wonders for never being late for a meeting is factoring in "Commute" time and blocking it on your calendar. If you have back to back meetings in the same office then factor 5-10 mins between meetings as a toilet/coffee break. And if you have them outside then make sure you be realistic about how long it takes you to get there and block it.

Figure out a skin care routine that works for you: After tossing earlier all the products you dont need, make sure you end up with the daily products you will really be using and organized by steps in your washroom. 

Finally make it to the gym: Again, calendar here is your key. If you block the time early on (I try to book gym sessions and classes for 3 months at a time) then your chances are much higher to get to finally get fit.

Remember, a habit takes 21 days to be formed so promise yourself to stick to any new habit above for at least a month and you should be all set.

What are your tips for a more organized life? Share below!