6 Golden Tips for Travelling On A Budget

I LOVE Travelling. Noting fills me more with a deep sense of happiness and appreciation than being on the road. That giddy feeling of packing for a vacation, frantically googling "Top things to do in XX" and boarding a plane to the unknown is just absolutely priceless and something that every one should experience a few times in a lifetime. 

However, most people are under the impression that travelling is expensive and that everyone who travels is some sort of a millionaire. But they couldn't be more wrong. For some of my best trips to top global destinations I have actually spent less than 1000 USD in TOTAL. How? Here are some golden tips.

Pick your flight smartly

Its a given that the biggest bulk of a trip's money comes from the flight. For that, Follow the below steps to ensure you have the BEST and CHEAPEST flight rates:

  • Use Kayak.com or Skyscanner.com to search for a flight
  • Turn on the Incognito mode on your mobile's browser to avoid cookies
  • Book your flights at least 14 days in advance, and on Tuesdays
  • Choose a redeye (overnight) flight, and non-direct ones as they tend to be cheaper

Stay at an AirBnB apartment

I have recently used AirBnB for the first time on my trip to LA and I was truly impressed. After all I got to stay at an AMAZING loft, was a mere 100 meters away from the Oscars (I even spotted George Clooney on my street!) and had a true all-American experience, with a fraction of the hotel's price. 

You can rent a bed, a room in a shared apartment, or an entire apartment (If you are a family or a group) with prices starting from 40 USD per night, in central city locations! You also get to see the rating of the apartment and owner before you go so you have a good idea of what you are getting yourself into.

Travel during the low season

Every country have its high and low seasons. Having experienced both, trust me when I tell you, I would always choose to travel during the low season. It doesn't only save you TONS of money (Up to 70% at times) its also less crowded and you tend to enjoy and experience much more at your own pace without the dreadful queues. 

Save on transportation

Once you get to your destination, steer clear from using taxis/private transportation (Unless its really recommended and safer). Instead, walk walk and walk. Use the metro or the bus or even a shared Uber if absolutely needed. This would also help you save tons of money.

Eat Street Food

There is not one city that I have been to where I actually preferred the luxury restaurants to the local ones. I love experiencing the culture wherever I go and so I look for local markets, street food trucks and tucked-away little restaurants as a great way to save money and try the country's REAL cuisine. 

Search for Coupons and discounts

Most toursit-y places have discounted days/hours and its a great way to visit the country's landmarks for much less. Best to check online before heading there or ask locals for advises. Also, some department stores in some countries (Like Macy's in the US) have online coupons that you can download and get discounts while shopping. Bingo!

Got more tips? Share them in the comments below!


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