Why everyone should try a detox retreat once in their life

One rainy day at work, I took a decision to go on my first ever post-baby girl's trip. However, I was also in a place where I wanted to get back into shape and so the idea of going on another holiday just to stuff my face with everything available and lounge around the pool did not seem so fascinating. I wanted a holiday where I could get back happier than I left.


Googling for some inspiration, I came across the idea of the Detox retreat. Before then, It had never crossed my mind to travel for miles and miles to diet and work out. After all, I can do that from my home, right? Well, It was way more than that.

With a skeptical yet curious mind, I booked my first detox retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. It was a unique experience. One that I believe each one of us at some point must try in their lives. Here is why.

Its ten time more relaxing than a normal holiday

The yoga/detox retreats are usually built and designed in a way that promotes relaxation and well-being. Rooms are neutral, properties are usually smaller and much quieter. They also take into consideration your personal well being so seriously so you get daily massages, treatments (Reiki and similar), sometimes even counselling sessions, nutritious food (or juices), you work out and meditate. 

You get to hit pause and reset on your life

When you are travelling, you feel like your real life is far far away. When you are in a detox retreat, it almost feels like it never existed. You are remote, immersed in your healthy lifestyle and inner peace that you can just hit pause and even consider what life changes you want to do when you are back.

You reconnect with yourself

One of the most unique benefits I got out of the detox experience is the fact that I got in touch with my inner self, with buried emotions and memories I wasn't sure that still existed. While this was intense at some point, it also made me reconnect with myself and point out exactly what was making me feel down at times or causing my anxiety. 

It made me much more open to change

By the end of the retreat, I was ready to make some changes that I wasn't able to do before. It made me discuss my fears openly and made me see for the first time that It wasn't this bad from close. 

It does not have to be expensive

As a matter of fact, it was a lot cheaper than most of the holidays I have taken. It was also all inclusive with all your food and treatments so there is zero worry on what you will need to spend there. 

You lose weight and look great

Yes, you do! I was only there for 5 days and I have managed to shift 2 kilos in the right direction. I was surviving on 100% healthy food & juices and I was working out 2 hours daily. I felt light and happy. And whats best is that it made me see how my life would feel like if I was healthier. There is definitely no turning back from this point!

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