8 Things Highly Successful and Happy People Don't Waste Time On

I often find myself wishing that I was living in the 50's. Why? For one reason only, the quite and slow life they had. In today's world, it has become an endless race of keeping up.

Keeping up with our tens of social media channels, work, romantic life, socializing with friends and off course the Kardashians....that constant fear of missing out, of being always camera-ready and "doing it all" has gotten the best out of us and has left very little time for us every day to reflect and de-stress. Personal time has become more invaluable than ever as anxiety became the epidemic of our age.


While some might be needed and important, other actions are just pure time wasters. And its no secret that when it comes to success, wasting valuable time is out of question. Every single minute counts. So Here are top time wasters that happy and successful people avoid

Wanting what you don't have

You wont always get everything you want. And I have lived long enough to know that not everything I want is something I NEED. But, there are also thousands of people who will never have what you have. So instead of wasting time feeling sad about everything you dont have, exercise gratitude over what you do. This is your first roadblock to ever lasting happiness.

Dwelling over past mistakes

You are not the same person you were last year, or even 6 months ago. The mistakes and experiences you've done made you the improved and wiser person you are today. No point in dwelling and wasting time over whats done. Letting go is the best quality you can have. Let your mistakes be your motivation and not your excuses. 

Worrying about what others think about you

Don't take things too personally, even if they seem like a personal attack. Rarely ever people say or do negative things because of you, its almost always because of their own issues & insecurities. While you cant change how people see you, you can change how you react and who you want to surround yourself with.

A choice that doesn't feel right

If your intuition is trying to tell you something, then it most probably is right. If you feel bad about a certain action, dont do it. If a certain project feels fishy, voice it out. Holding back and continuing will only make you waste time and energy on something that might not be worth it.

Time wasting meetings

There is nothing that wastes time more than unnecessary work meetings. Before accepting any meeting, make sure you understand what you are expected to do, what role do you play, and most importantly, will you be taking any actions based on the outcome of the meeting? Those should be your parameters. If not clear, you can always politely decline and prioritize your time effectively.

Waiting for the perfect time to come

Life is short. Too short in fact to waste it on wondering what could have been "Only if..". So the perfect time is now. Start going after your dream today. Not tomorrow, not in a month from now, because newsflash, the perfect moment will never ever come, we make it on our own.


The energy it takes from hating someone, is far greater than the energy it will take you to forgive and let go. Forgiveness and kindness is not weakness. You forgive people as you are strong enough to know that everyone makes mistakes and that your time is more valuable than to be wasted on resentfulness.


Overthinking can lead to anxiety and stress which can be hurdling your success. Overthinking past mistakes and regrets wont change it and overthinking future ones wont help as its all hypothetical. Present is now. Live in the now and make each second worth living. #BeHappy

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