Top 5 Blogging Advises From The World's Top Content Creators

From @SimplyStylistXO

From @SimplyStylistXO

This week I died and went to fashion & beauty's paradise. I was in one room with Aimee Song (Song of Style), Sazan Hendrix, and other global & regional stylists, beauty bloggers, and fashion gurus. We were having coffee, delicious treats, getting manicures and back massages in a gorgeous set-up. All thanks to #SimplyStylistDubai, the Fashion + Beauty Conference and its first global edition in Dubai. 

From @SimplyStylistXO

From @SimplyStylistXO

The conference was a great platform where I met some of my web-idols face to face. I also ended up getting precious advises from the world top bloggers and content creators (& taste-makers!).

Here is a round-up of the top 5 blogging advises that will inspire any start-up blog or website. 


You Have To Fail First

Credit to: Slimi Magazine

Credit to: Slimi Magazine

If you ever came across Sleiman Dayaa, Founder, Creative & Fashion Director of SLIMIMAG - with its edgy & high quality content - you will never think he has known failure a day in his life. However, according to Dayaa, you NEED to fail in order to reach success, saying; "Failure is a must, especially when you are just starting and still discovering your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn from your mistakes and move ahead faster and ultimately settle on your style and what works for your audience." 

Bottom Line: Don't hold back and keep experimenting especially in the beginning. Fail, stand up, learn what works and what doesn't and use it as your compass.

Presistance is All You Need

One consistent advice from all influencers, was how you should never give up. While Song of Style is currently one of the top blogs in the world, she admitted that it has taken her years to reach success. And while Sazan Hendrix is giving us #LifeGoals every day, she said it took her almost 3 years for her blog to pick up and to turn from a college-hobby to an actual up and running business.  

Bottom Line: Don't compare your beginning to someone's middle. It takes years and years to build a successful, revenue-generating business. Make sure that you are doing what you love, and just when you are about to give up, push even harder and keep going!

Forget the "Fake" Followers

Part of the discussion was using 'Fake Followers' to boost your blog, especially in the early days. But, all agreed that we shouldn't use this easy tactic. Why? Your end result should be reaching your niche audience, and "selling" the brands you represent to your followers. You also need organic followers (Even if only a couple of hundreds) to test which posts/content click more with your audience. Insights you wont be able to get with fake ones.

Bottom Line: Brands should be willing to work with you for what you represent and not only for your followers number. Be patient, engage with your audience, keep testing and it will keep growing.

Stay True to Your Brand & Followers

I have a massive #GirlCrush on Sazan and one of the reasons, is how genuine and consistent she is on her blog. Her posts are always natural and she only ever represent brands that make sense to her and her followers.

Sazan highlighted the importance of collaborating with brands that your audience will want to wear or buy, saying; "It shouldn't only be about the money. If today a brand would pay me tons of money to Sky Dive, I would think this is cool, but I would also decline and say that I am not a girl for extreme sports. I just wouldn't be convincing enough to move audience to buy this product".

Bottom Line: Stay true to your audience. People can tell when you are not promoting a brand only for the cash.

From @SimplyStylistXO

From @SimplyStylistXO

Invest In Your Content

Content is king. All influencers advised to spend time and money for curating great content. Depending on your passion, take courses for photography, make-up, writing or styling, or even hire someone to help you with your content. Take your time in choosing the right content, edit and ensure its the best you can put out there. Your content represent your blog and if you get this part right, you are on the road to success.

Bottom Line: Learn, invest, take your time to curate and not just create.

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