A Pizza Afternoon @ 800 Degrees, Dubai

What if I told you that there is a new Pizza Place in town where you have up to 53,148 mouth-watering and absolutely fresh and lite Pizza combinations to choose from. Sounds too good to be true? Then read on. 


As I step into the Black and White newly opened 800 Degrees Pizzeria tucked on the Level 2 of Mall of the Emirates's newest extension, I was immediately hit by an ambiance of freshness mixed with LA urban cool. It was also very obvious that this is a place where they take transparency very seriously with each Pizza being prepared before your very eyes. 

After snapping away a few pictures, I was ushered to the ordering lane to kick start my (short) journey to create the pizza of your dreams. Starting from the Gulten-free choice of dough, to unique options of "White" (Bianca) and "Green" (Pesto) Pizza sauce base, to fancy toppings such as Roasted Garlic, Caramelized Onion and more regulars like Pepperoni and Shrimps to over 14 protein and 9 cheese toppings options, all build up to endless possibilities where you will never have the same pizza twice in your lifetime.

"What Can I get for you today?" asked the friendly chef, who has an insane amount of dough in front of him, with a relaxed smile. I have to admit, up until this second I haven't made up my mind. With 5 choices of pizza sauce base, and each sounding more delicious than the other, I was lost! In the end, I decided on the classic Margherita Base which has Fresh Mozzarella, Parmeggiano Reggano, Basil, and Crushed Tomato as its sauce.

Then I moved to the toppings station, where I chose Red Tuna as my protein,  then topped it with fresh onions, roasted garlic, Mushrooms, and dried Tomato before finishing off with...hold your breath...more cheese (Provolone this time)!

As I proceeded to get my drink from the following station, my eye caught the "Burrata" menu. An entire menu dedicated to choosing your Burrata plate and I just couldn't help but give it a try. 

I went for the Burrata with a side of Pesto and Cherry tomato, which from the way the plate looked after it was ready, I had to hold myself from digging in right then and there.

800 Degrees promise to get your pizza ready in under 90 seconds, from the second it enters the oven, as its cooked in an intense fire of 800 Degrees. So I was quite curious to experience how it happens. And so as I proceeded to the final stop, the counter, I heard my number being called to pick up my pizza before my bill was even ready!

The entire process took less than 5 minutes, from the second I was greeted by the friendly chef to the moment when I finally held my pizza. I didn't even get to feel the time as your eyes follow your pizza with giddy anticipation the whole time. 

Then I proceeded to my table, and as I took the first bite, I understood exactly why this place has tens of locations in several countries today. Each bite melts in your mouth as you get to taste a uniquely fresh and extremely lite pizza combination that you have created from scratch from your own imagination and which you probably never tried before. As I worked my way from the inside to the outside of the crust, it did become a bit crusty though, a plus for those who love crunchy bites.

I finished my entire pizza (Yes!) and half of my Burrata and I left with a happy stomach and a smile vowing to come back soonest bringing my husband and as many friends possible at the nearest chance. 

So, Here is the scoop on 800 Degrees:

Overall Rating: 9/10
Ideal for: Casual Lunch, Casual Dinner, Pizza Lovers and Pizza Cravers who follow a Gluten-Free diet.
Atmosphere & Crowd: LA Urban cool with a mixed crowd of shoppers, cinema-goers, and white collars on their lunch breaks.
Bill for 1: Drink + Burrata (Pesto and Cherry Tomato), Pizza with 5 toppings = 111 AED

Why I would go there again:

  • Very convenient location in Mall of the Emirates, where you can pop in for some Movies and Pizza or after a shopping day.
  • Staff is very friendly, and service is a very good, even though the place was beyond crowded on that afternoon.
  • Super fresh ingredients, no freaky stuff, no hidden chemicals and you will feel its difference from the first bite.
  • The gluten-free dough option, which is not easy to find in your favorite Pizzeria
  • They have Fresh Salad as well as Italian Gelato Stations!

Any downsides? The only thing I would mention is that its a bit on the pricey side compared to other Pizzerias. But I would go again and again as its truly worth the splurge. 


The philosophy here is simple: Fresh and the best sourced ingredients they can ever get you. They use fresh Italian-grown tomatoes, locally made mozzarella, and handcrafted crust made from the ancient Molino Caputo in Naples - where their original inspiration came from - complimented by the best veggies and toppings. 

Each Pizza takes 90 seconds from the second it enters the oven, and the reason is its cooked in a 800 Degrees (Where the name is coming from), so you have your Pizza ready for you before you even leave the counter! 

More information on the concept, locations and menu can be found here: http://www.800degreespizza.com/

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