3 Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai

Dubai is known for its endless restaurant scene and we often find ourselves spending hours deciding on where to eat out. For me, I love having breakfasts out during the weekend. Its a nice way to kick start the day and just skip the cooking part. So, Here I'm sharing with you my top three favorite breakfast spots in #MyDubai. 

Kay's Kitchen: Home-cooked meals with love

Living in the UAE, we are spoilt with choice for take-outs and some of the fanciest restaurants in the world. But one truth we cant forget, nothing beats a tasty home-cooked meal, regardless of your favorite cuisine. And that's exactly what Kay's Kitchen offers. Check out my interview and the special discount for C&G readers. 

11 steps to get organized once and for all

A messy life is a stressful life. Whether its always being late for something, have over a 1000 unopened email in your inbox or takes two people to close your closet every time; here are 10 steps to get organized this year and lead a happier healthier and more successful life.

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5 Must-Try Unique Brunches in Dubai

Dubai Brunches is such a unique and different experience that I havent seen anywhere else in the world. Here are top 5 unique must-try brunches in Dubai that will guarantee you spend an unforgettable weekend!

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