How to look pretty on a bad day

Every woman in the world - Even the world's most gorgeous models - has them...bad beauty days. Days when you wake up with skin dry, puffy eyes, the dreaded breakouts or just generally tired and sleep-deprivedHere are some tips & tricks that will ensure you look pretty in minutes!

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7 ancient beauty secrets for modern beauty

Thousands and Thousands of years ago, women had no lavish choice of products and so had to depend solely on mother nature to maintain their beauty. While we can attribute beauty to mostly genes, there are also a few ancient beauty secrets that have been passed down from one generation to another and that have remained popular within countries until today. Suiting perfectly the recent movement of "Going Green", here are a few highly effective ancient beauty secrets and the countries they are mostly known for.

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5 habits to #behappy

A few years ago, I was feeling older and older every day. I woke up with such a heavy feeling and as I went on with my day I felt drained out of energy. I was still in my early 20's, all my vitals were great, so what seemed to be the issue? Little by little I started noticing the impact of certain actions, people or places on me. I took a decision to change it immediately and simply become happier.

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7 steps to become the world's best new daddy (and husband)

We mostly focus on new mummies and forget what new daddies must be feeling. Between anxiousness of this life changing event, getting mixed signals from their wives' hormones and feeling lost on what to do, the pressure is really on. Here are a few thoughts on what to do to get through this phase successfully, make your wife feel like a queen as well as become the world’s best new daddy!

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I have to admit. It really took me a while to get back to ME.
And by getting back, I am referring to the whole package: body, looks, happiness, daily routine and social life. It happened eventually, but I also had to work hard to get there.
So, here are my very humble few tips and tricks to help you survive the post baby phase, and emerge as this one woman everyone is asking “How the hell did she do it!?”

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