C&G Experiences: Be Bar Signature Blow Dry (With Video Experience)

When it comes to finding the best hair salon in Dubai, it could be a long quest. There is just so many choices: Ranging from luxury and exclusive celebrity salons, to small boutique salons to even home service salons.

Let me give you the bottom line: It all goes back to you and your hair taste. Deciding what you want (big complicated hairdos, or a simple straight blow dry) is the start and end of this decision.

Personally, the best hair salons for me are ones that have everything under one roof. I am a busy woman so efficiency for me is key. I love getting a good blow dry, shoulder massage and mani & pedi all at the same time. 

Recently, I got to try Jumeirah's boutique Salon: Be Bar. I can only say that this gorgeous LA-style salon will truly surprise you!

The experience

From its little blue door, to its incredible chic interiors, lovely scents, and the "Be Beautiful" messages spread everywhere around you; it instantly transforms your mood.

For my first visit, I went for the signature blow dry, Be Beachy style (which is beach waves for long hair). It started off with a hair wash, and I was amazed to see that the chairs transforms into a bed and you get your hair washed while completely laying down, relaxing! To finish off my wash, I had a super relaxing sculpt massage and I couldnt help but doze off...

A few minutes later, I started my blow dry and angle came in to give my hand massage. The whole experience was just amazing, smooth and very refreshing. You end up feeling pampered and looking really pretty.

I thought there wont be a best way to share the experience and results with everyone except through a short video. Click on the below and check this 1-minute upbeat video on the experience.

The results

It was overall an amazing experience (and I dont say that about a lot of salons), great quality products from the organic shampoo to the light weight spray you barely feel. Very professional and friendly staff, great service and amazing blow dry that, 4 day on wards, still looks incredible!

Next time, I will certainly aim to try the braids as well as their Mani/pedi services.


  • C&G rating: 5/5
  • Recommended therapist: Ria (hair & sculpt massage)
  • Treatments to try: Hair Braiding (They do the best braids in Dubai), Blow Dry, Massage. Here is the full services menu.
  • Website: http://mybebar.com/
Nada ElMahdiComment