Nailin' it this summer: Your Guide To the Perfect Nails (& Giveaways!)

Nothing makes me feel "put together" like having perfectly groomed and manicured nails. So today I wanted to share with you how I get my nails summer-ready, and I also have a little surprise giveaway for you with NStyle Intl' Salon- Hurray! Read on to know more.

There are a few steps you should take to ensure you have healthy gorgeous nails before the beach season starts. C&G shares a simple step-by-step guide on how to "Nail it" with this season, below.

Step #1: Rejuvenate & Nourish your nails

Tired and chipped nails need proper nourishing as manicure only looks good and lasts longer on healthy nails. The solution is simple: the right scrub + soak + moisturizer combination. 

My most recent discovery was Nstyle's Amber Treatment for Hand & Feet. Combining Green Tea, Mint & Sea Salt, Its such a refreshing work of wonder! The scrub focuses on removing the dead rough skin from your hands & feet while the soak/mask restores your skin's balance and moister. Finally the nourishing moisturizer ensures its properly hydrated and ready for it's manicure.

Step #2: Trim & Work on the Cuticles

I personally prefer short and healthy looking nails. I can manage it easier and it helps my manicure last longer. I would definitely advice you this summer to go for trimming your nails a bit short (But not too short). Also, check which filing shape, for ex.; I always go for square with rounded edges. Some like it more rounded and some like it pointy (Khloe Kardashian, anyone?). It all goes back to what you prefer and what works well for your finger's shape. 

Next is the cuticles; cuticles act as a barrier for bacteria and so cutting them might lead to painful infections.  Therefore, always ask your therapist to just remove the excess only (which are the tiny bits of dead skin) or better yet, just push it back. Also, a soak will massively help in protecting your cuticles and so treatments like NStyle's Amber treatment will def preserve it. 

Step #3: Choose YOUR color

Now off to the important step: picking the color that suits your skin tone, style and destination! Since I have an olive skin tone, coral and pink tones suit me well. For summer, I am going for white this season as its one trend and it flatters my tone too. Nonetheless, always ask your therapist to try on a couple of colors on your nails before you settle on one.

Step #4: Top it off

Ever since I discovered the top coat gem "Good to Go" from Esse, I started believing life can be good again. Why, you ask? A top coat that adds gloss, AND dries up your nails in a few seconds, AND make your nail polish last longer should be your new summer buddy. 

Now another trick is to buy the color you chose for your nails. This is especially helpful when you are travelling on holidays. It helps as a quick fix when the color starts chipping off and add a couple of coats during your trip.   

Step #5: Pack the oil & moisturizer

With all the walking/swimming/mount climbing - depending on your destination - your feet and hand will be getting some rough skin at some point during your trip. So I always make sure I pack either an oil or a good hand & feet moisturizer and apply it before bed. You can also use olive or almond all-natural oils for keeping your skin hydrated while away.

Now that your nails are covered, shall we get on hair & skin too quickly?

Because beauty is a package, you cant get gorgeous looking nails without nailing your beach waves and getting your complexion summer-ready. I love the fact that salons like NStyle are a one-stop beauty shop, and as a busy working mom, I get my head-to-toe beauty fix over the weekend in just one visit (I swear by their back massage while getting my nails done..soo Gisele!). 

Below are two must-try treatments in your next NStyle visit:

Face Glow: I recently tried NStyle's new Hydropeptide facial and boy did I love it! I am not one to get a lot of professional facials but this one surely packs a punch. It tackles all skin problems such as; Fine wrinkles, oily and congested skin as well as dry and dehydrated skin, which makes it absolutely perfect for any type of skin. For me, it has really worked wonders. After the treatment my face was well hydrated with a lovely healthy glow - PERFECT for the season ahead! 


Beach Waves: A true beach babe wouldn't be complete without a healthy glowing hair. Kerastase FUSIO-DUO hair treatment is a smart way of nourishing your hair and leaving it stronger and glossy. This treatment left my hair so soft and glowing that I asked the technician to skip the blow dry and leave it as is!


Would you like to try the above treatments? We are looking for 4 lucky readers in the UAE to take part in this competition and WIN a Free Manicure or a 50 AED Voucher! 

To Win A Free NStyle Manicure:

Simply repost this post on your Instagram account and tag @Curlsandglowsofficial and @NStylenaillounge

To Win A 50 AED Voucher to use on ANY NStyle Treatment:

  • Answer the following question through reading the above article: What are the main ingredients of the NStyle Amber Hand & feet Treatment?
  • Send your answers to, include your full name, Instagram handle, and your location (Emirate + Area)


Terms & Condition:

  • Participant MUST be a resident of the UAE
  • Participant MUST be female and 18-years-old and above
  • Voucher can be only used by awarded participant 
  • Participant need to post NStyle's visit on their social media


  • Vouchers can be redeemed Sun- Wed only in NStyle Dubai Branches
  • Vouchers are not valid 3-9th of July (Eid Holidays)
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