How to completely transform your skin in 7 days

I have a confession to make.
A couple of months ago, I have completely abandoned my skincare routine for weeks and weeks. I was very busy with work and torn between being a mom, a wife, a friend and the perfect employee that I just neglected taking care of my skin.

I skipped removing make up properly, my night skin routine disappeared off my agenda together with my regular weekly masks and I just stuck to a very basic clean + moisturize daily job with products that where no longer performing well. My face has never looked more dull and tired before, something really had to be done.

Weird breakouts, dry skin, and dull complexion was the price I paid back then, but fast forward a few weeks later and my skin has never looked better! Read on and see how I managed to completely transform my skin and look better than ever in just 7 days.

Day 1: The professional help

First, I had to start with clean canvas and so I booked myself for a deep cleansing and hydrating facial. As soon as the therapist examined my face she sulked and told me that my face was extremely dehydrated and really poorly nourished. Getting a professional facial is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and reveal a healthier complexion. After working her magic on my face, I felt 100X better but still I knew this was just solving part of the issue.

Day 2: Update (or upgrade) your products

I have been using my moisturizer for well over 5 years now. While it has always performed ok, I also know that it was not suitable for my skin anymore and that I now need something richer as the weather got hotter and more humid. I also decided to ditch the cleanser as I noticed it was making my skin too dry.

Next, I did my research and settled for a few products that I knew would be perfect for my skin in this phase (Rich in antioxidants and hydrating). The brand that has really worked well for me was Kiehl's. I absolutely fell in love with the "Ultra Facial" range which has proven to be not too harsh on my skin and at the same time hydrating enough to restore my skin's balance. Yupee!

Bonus tip: Ask for a few samples first before buying the actual product. This way you can try and test and see what works for you.

Day 3-5: Establish a new routine

Now that you are all set with your new lovely products, you need to quickly establish a routine that works for you and one that you can keep. Write it on a paper and put it on your bathroom mirror so you are reminded everyday. Just remember; it might take a while for you to settle on a routine and products that you like, but I am sharing what worked for me below (My skin is Dry combination):

  • Morning: Wash face with a water soluble cleanser, followed by a toner and a moisturizer
  • Afternoon: Once back from work/my day, I remove make up with a milky make up remover and wash face with a balancing oil
  • Night: Before bed, I wash, tone and instead of the moisturizer, I apply the Rosehip Oil.
  • Once a week: I scrub using grains, and apply a hydrating face mask. Often opt for dead sea clay for deep detoxifying followed by natural yogurt and honey homemade mask
  • For body: I scrub once a week and apply daily coconut or Argan oil before bed for ultimate hydration

Day 6: Problems?

Now would be the perfect time to see whats working and whats not for your skin. Below are a few possible issues you might face and a quick solution:

  • New Breakouts: Your skin's pH is not balanced and that could possibly be due to one of the products you are using. Try a quick test where you check your complexion straight after applying each product. If you can see red rashes straight after applying a certain product, remove it from your routine and see if after 2-3 days the acne is gone.
  • Too oily: That might be due to a heavy moisturizer 
  • Too dry: Your cleanser might be too harsh on your skin or you might need to have a deeper moisturizer 
  • Black heads: You might need to try out different masks and upgrade your scrub. At this point, I would def check with a doctor

Day 7: Celebrate your results!

How easy was that! Did you smile when you looked in the mirror today? If you have picked the right products and followed through everyday with your routine, day 7 should be a big celebration of how great you look! You Nailed it ;-)