As we are approaching the beach days and summer nights, you need to make sure you look your best. That's why I put together for you the only fashion, style, beauty, skincare guide you will ever need this summer!


Every true beach babe knows summer beauty starts from fresh, clean and glowing skin. You need to prepare your body's biggest organ to face the sun, sea, and heat and make sure you glow all-throughout the summer weeks. Here is how to prepare:


  • Start by scrubbing and exfoliating your skin 3 times a week, focusing on the rough and darker spots such as: Knees, elbows, and underarms.
  • Moisturize every night before bed with a rich moisturizer, preferably including Vitamin E
  • Use an anti-cellulite creme or solution on upper legs and areas where cellulite is visible
  • Start applying SPF 25 two weeks before summer vacation on your skin everyday

Best products to use:

  • Personally a big fan of the organic beauty brand: L'occitane, I have been using their Almond Milk Concentrate body lotion for quite sometime and its highly recommended.   I have also tried their Almond Shower Oil as a body wash and loved it.
  • LaLicious Brown Sugar & Vanilla Scrub. Or create your own scrub using Salt, sugar, Olive/almond oil, and add a splash of vanilla for a good smell.
  • Vichy Anti-Cellulite cream, or Natural pure Coconut oil.


  • The same rule goes to the face too. Start by exfoliating twice or thrice a week using a gentle scrub that suits your skin type
  • Moisturize twice a day. A day creme in the morning that includes SPF 25 and one for the evening before bed
  • Use a facial mask once-twice a week

Best products to use:

  • Obagi's C-Exfoliating Day Lotion. I have been using this face creme for a couple of years now and I like it. It's very light which makes it perfect for summer and has vitamin C. Perfect!
  • Lush's Love Lettuce Face Mask. This one doubles up as an exfoliant as well as a hydrating and purifying facial mask. 


The perfect accessory for summer is always your hair. Think beachy waves, fizzy do's and sun-kissed strands. How do you secure perfect summer hair?

  • Invest in a good shampoo and a good conditioner that suits your hair type. Careful not to over-wash your hair. Experts advice 3-4 times maximum of shampooing your hair per week.
  • Use a hair mask once a week. It will help your hair remain glossy and detoxify it.
  • Use a hair serum to create healthy and natural beach waves while taming your hair
  • For the beach, you can also use a leave-in conditioner which eliminates frizz and protects your hair against sun and heat.

Best products to use:

  • John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner. I use John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette that helps me preserve my natural brunette color
  • For a hydrating hair mask, you can use Paul Mitchell's Detox Hair Mask. As an alternative you can use a mix of Mayonnaise and Vanilla and leave in for 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
  • John Frieda Hair Serum is what I also use since it tames my frizz and gives me perfect curls.
  • Kresatase leave-in conditioner. This one is perfect for dry locks.


Your nails can easily make or break an outfit. You can go out wearing a blank top and shorts and accessorize mainly with your nails. That's why healthy and good looking nails is essential. 

  • Soak your nails once a week in Pure Almond Oil to soften your cuticles
  • Have a mani-pedi right before you leave on vacation
  • Stock up on nail polish summer colors & a good polish remover

Best products to buy:

  • I am obsessing over Inglot's O2M Breathable Polish as it allows water and oxygen to pass through to your nails, Perfect!
  • Esse 'Good-to-go' Top Coat, literally the fastest drying top coat I have ever come across. Perfect for being a girl on the run with limited time!
  • Best shades: Baby blue, Green, and Cashmere
  • Bliss Softening Socks, this one is great to wear at night before bed to prevent harsh feet skin caused by heat and sand


You want to go as natural as possible during the hot season, but then again you can use a few tricks to look your best without really slapping tons of make up on. Here is what you need to have in your make up bag:

  • Skip your foundation this season and go for a tinted moisturizer. Its much lighter, has SPF and will do the trick of unifying your skin tone
  • A water proof mascara is a staple to your summer make up bag this season 
  • Gel Eyeliner, preferably waterproof or a lasting brand
  • A light roller mascara for those summer nights
  • Opt for a nice highlighter/bronzer to highlight this new tan in the best way
  • Lip balm which includes SPF to keep your lips hydrated 
  • Lip/Cheek color stain to replace your lipsticks and blushers

Best products to buy:


With great grooming, skin, make up look and hair you surely need the perfect summer pieces to compliment it all and complete your beach babe look. Which key pieces to have this summer? Here is a short guide:

  • Invest in the basics. There are some staples your need to have in your wardrobe such as: A White tee (Which you can compliment with a statement necklace), a body-flattering jeans, and neutral color sandals/flats.
  • Hats are everywhere this summer. I like this one from Forever21.
  • Bare shoulders are in. The whole off-shoulder look is back this season. Think off-shoulder's summer dresses and tops. Aim for neutral colors such as White, creme or black so you can have endless options dressing them up or down. I love this one from River Island.
  • Fringes, fringes and more fringes. A fringe bag, fringe skirt or a fringe vest are a must this season. There are endless options in Zara, Riverisland, and Stradivarius.
  • Retro sunglasses, think rounded and heart-shaped frames. I like the ones they have in Topshop
  • 70's printed high waist flary pants to pair with a blank crop top. Love these ones available on 
  • Denim dresses are strongly in again. You can pair it with a pop lip color and nails for a summer babe look. Here is my favorite denim collection this summer from Sauce
  • White on White outfits, think white top with a white skirt or pants
  • Rainbow bag and medi-sandals. This one will give you endless options to wear with various outfits. If you are feeling splurgy, head to
  • Culottes, especially shorter ones are superb for summer. Try this one from Zara
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