How to look pretty on a bad day

Every woman in the world - Even the world's most gorgeous models - has them...bad beauty days. Days when you wake up with skin dry, puffy eyes, the dreaded breakouts or just generally tired and sleep-deprived. 

The good news is, you can hide it all with make up and a few tricks, and still look gorgeous even on your worst of days!


Dehydrated Skin

Problem: You woke up to find dry skin batches on your face (Especially cheeks/closer to your nose/forehead) and it generally looks less alive and older.

Solution: First thing you need to do is drink plenty of water the minute you get out of bed as this is a direct sign of dehydration. Next, you need to avoid washing your face with a harsh cleanser and try the oil method instead (Simply dip a cotton in Argan/Almond/Olive Oil and wipe your face then rinse it with luke warm water), before applying a rich and deep moisturizer. This will visibly solve your issue in seconds.

Puffy Eyes

Problem: Your eyes look puffy, smaller than normal, you look tired and sleep-deprived. 

Solution: If you are planning to hide it with loads of make up, you are headed in the wrong direction. Dark and heavy eye make up  will only highlight your tiredness more.
Instead, use concealer under your eyes, then apply a light eye shadow shade on your lids (Try soft bronze/rose/peach shades). Finally, use an eye-lash curler along with a curler mascara to widen your eye. 

Pale & Uneven Face Tone

Problem: You want to enliven the pale-looking skin or hide an uneven skin tone.

Solution: Advice, Ditch the foundation. Instead apply a tinted moisturizer then highlight your cheeks with a peachy/pinky blush color, or a little bit of a bronzing powder. This will warm up your skin without looking fake.

Bruises, blemishes or breakouts

Problem: You need to hide a certain bruise, blemish or an acne on your face

Solution: Use a bit of foundation or a blemish stick on the bruise as a first step. Then follow it with the tinted moisturizer on your face so you blend the color in.

Dry Lips

Problem: Your lips look tired or dry.

Solution: First off, while brushing your teeth in the morning, just spend an extra 10 seconds to exfoliate your lips using your wet tooth brush. Make sure you go very gentle as to not irritate the delicate skin on your lips.
Next, apply a coat of lip balm before applying a cheery lip gloss color. On days like this I prefer to use a natural color to not withdraw attention to my face.

Nada ElMahdiComment