5 Secrets for Healthy Beautiful Glowing face

Raise your hand if you have you ever looked at endless pictures of celebrities and models and wooed over the gorgeous glowing skin they have?  Well, I did. Countless times. I hopelessly kept thinking and researching what could possibly be the secret behind it. The answer was much more simpler than I have imagined, and no its not photoshop.

Basically, its the model's job to stay beautiful and with great skin. So the secret to their glowing gorgeous skin is summarized in 3 words; Cleanse, Detoxify and Moisturize. How do we translate it into an effective routine that will leave your face glowing like a super model? Well, There are basically 5 very simple steps you can follow in order to get this healthy glowing skin. 

Start from the inside

The number one most effective gorgeous skin habit is drinking water. While some might argue that this is not a direct skin care routine, I will strongly object here. The secret to glowing skin starts from the inside with the right diet and right amount of water. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses per day.

Finding it impossible to stick to it? Here is a smart trick. Take two jars and put them in a visible place (Either on your desk at work, or Kitchen at home) and put in 8 stones/buttons inside one of them. Everytime you finish a glass, move one stone to the other jar. Seeing this physical target in-front of you everyday would push you to complete it. 
Dont like regular water? Opt for having a lemon slice or your favorite fruits inside the glass for an added flavor. You can also try replacing one glass with Coconut Water a day, Our girl crush Adriana Lima swears by it as her secret to gorgeous glowing skin.

Clean Canavas

Now moving on to the skin care routine, the no#1 most important step is cleaning the canavas (your face) to make sure everything else you do, is done on clean solid basis. Therefore, You should invest (both money and time) in a good cleansing routine.

So What shall you do? For me, I always prefer to go natural when possible and I would say that having used a couple of brands, I would highly recommend Lush's Angels On Bare Skin Face & Body cleanser for its incredibly fresh and natural ingredients as well as the after-effect on your face.
In Addition, you need to make sure that you remove all impurities and make up from your face. Even though it might not be visible, our pores absorb more than you can imagine. So After cleaning your face with a good cleanser, make sure you also use a waterproof makeup remover for your eyes and skin. Finally, if you would like a natural substitute then you can use Cow Milk on a cotton pad and clean your face.

Detoxify your skin

Now the second step has to be detoxifying your skin to let it breath. That would be achieved through two things: Exfoliation and facial masks. 
How? Once a week (I choose Saturday mornings) cleanse your face and rinse with luke warm water, then I take a little bit of milk (Cow milk) and add to it the buffering grains from Bobbi Brown and exfoliate gently focusing on the rough spots on my nose, cheeks and forehead.
Secondly, you need a good effective mask. You can go all natural and mix two Tbs of full fat yogurt with half a spoon of honey, spread on your face and let it sit until dry before rinsing off with water. Or, you can use one of my precious recent discoveries from Izil Beauty. An all natural beauty brand that uses Argan oil as a strong part of its basis. Their Green tea detoxifying mask is every woman's dream mask; its Anti-oxidant mask is very rich in trace minerals and vitamins A, B and E that absorb impurities and inhibit breakdown of Collagen that is responsible for keeping the skin firm and elastic.

Serum is key

I have to admit, until very recently I used to skip using any serum on my face. That was until I was introduced to Shirley Conlon Luxury organic brand and I became a huge advocate of their products for the incredible results I saw on my face. A serum will help your cells rejuvenate and so slow down the aging process as well as add that glow. The Shirley Conlon Rosehip Oil (Which you can use as a face serum) was one of the most effective organic products I have ever used. I cant recommend it enough as a serum every night before bed. You will thank me later.

Feed your skin

Last but def not least, is hydrating your face. Making sure that after cleaning and detoxifying, you need to hydrate to feed your cells to regenerate and stay young. While there are countless options for moisturizers ranging from 1 to 300 USD, I have to say I struggled the most to find the perfect moisturizer for years. I have a dry-combination skin and most moisturizers would either leave my face too oily or too dry. Before I tell you which are my favorite ones, let me give you the secrets to choosing the right moisturizer for your face:

  • Choose the ones that has the least artificial smell. (Smells generating from natural ingredients are usually harmless)
  • Texture should be very smooth, and should absorb to your skin fast. The ones that sits on your face are not properly absorbed to your skin layers and thus you wont be getting the benefits. 
  • If your moisturizer causes a burning sensation, irritation or even breakouts, then its too harsh for your skin
  • Finally, if you are into more organic products, then choose a product that doesn't have more than 3 ingredients that you cant pronounce. 
  • Remember, not all 100% natural moisturizers are still good for you. Some have acidic ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin, such as: Lemon/orange peel. So its important to test it before buying. 

My favorite recent moisturizer has to be Fountain Of Youth from Shirley Conlon. With Evening Primrose Oil and Sea Buckthorn as its ingredients, It left my face hydrated, shine-free and with a gorgeous natural smell. Another favorite of mine has to be the Clarins MultiActive Day Correction Cream. Excellent for beating those early wrinkles. 

So there you go, those are the 5 secrets to glowing skin. What would be your most precious advice and what are your favorite products? #bebeautiful

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