4 Must-Buy Local Organic Beauty products

I am addicted to organic beauty routines and products. I always believe that a good healthy skin can always result from going as natural as possible. This is why, I am always on the haunt for organic products and recipes to try and feature on C&G.

This week, I am bringing you four 100% organic local-produced skin products that I have personally tried and loved and therefore wanted to share with you all, especially with the upcoming holiday season (Gift ideas?) and the cold weather (Goodbye flaky skin!).

Check out below what made The C&G list!

Shirley Conlon - RoseHip Face Oil

This is the product that made me believe in miracles! I have never, and I do mean never, seen another organic product that has visible stunning results from the very first application! 
Our woman crush and Victoria's secret angel, Miranda Kerr swore by the Rosehip Oil as the secret to her gorgeous skin, and so I was intrigued to give it a try. I have found this home-grown brand, Shirley Conlon, a lady with such gorgeous healthy skin (The biggest endorsement for her products!) and who creates all her products herself. The oil is a combination of Organic Rosehip seed oil, blended with carrots, sea buckthorn and anti-aging acmella extract. 
I apply it at bed time, and I have to say I wake up every morning barely even needing to apply a day moisturizer. It left my skin very fresh, glowing and with the softest texture I have seen in ages, even on the roughest spots like my nose. It has also helped immensely with the disappearance of pores. A must buy!

Saante, Oriental Body Butter

If you are like me, and you usually end up with dry flaky skin in winter time, this one is for you. Why I loved it? Well, why not! Its an irresistible combination of African Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Beeswax, Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil and Almond Oil. Its basically every possible good-food-for-your-skin ever existed combined in a little pot. If this heavenly body butter wont give you soft hydrated skin, I don't know what else would. 

Venus, RoseMary Sugar Scrub

The first time I sniffed this, I felt I was transported to sunny fields in Italy. The smell of fresh strong rosemary hit as soon as I opened the container. And as I looked inside I found indeed chunks of it blended with a glossy oil and sugar. I was intruiged to try it out as a mean to refresh my skin after a tiring (pollution-filled) day and indeed it did not disappoint. This scrub will turn your shower into your very own exotic spa. Not only will it leave you silky soft, you wont even need any moisturizer as your skin will be super hydrated afterwards. Also Available in Vanilla and Lavender (Pictured).
Careful though with the bathtub as it might become a bit slippery after using it so always rinse the tub with hot water after you are done.

The Camel Soap factory, Lemon Grass Camel-Milk Liquid Soap

"You mean its made with Camel Milk?" I asked, a bit stunned. "Yes! All our soaps are Camel-Milk based. Known for its great benefits for both body and skin, try it!", The nice owner told me. As a fan of lemon grass, I immediately reached out to the liquid soap bottle willing to try it out. Its 25% Camel milk based, has olive and essential oils and absolutely free of sulfates, parabens, or petrochemicals. The thing I loved most about this product is that it doesn't really create much foam (Which means its less harmful to your skin). Unlike soap-based shower cremes, It left my skin fresh, minus the dry feeling after wards. 

What are your favorite organic beauty products? Share below!

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