Fitness Review: Physique 57 Dubai, 8-workout challenge

If you are following my Instagram account (You really should!) You will see that I have decided to give Physique 57's 8-classes challenge a try. 

After months of doing Physiotherapy to correct my spine and shoulders, It felt so good to be back at the barre!

I started asking around on where to start with Barre again in Dubai and have been recommended Physique 57 Studio which have recently opened in Dubai from several barre addicts and so I decided to give it a go.

Checking their website, the first statement that caught my attention was that you can see noticeable change in your body after only 8 workout sessions. I was immediately hooked! 

Therefore, have taken the decision to take this challenge both for myself and the readers so that I can review it from a totally non-biased perspective. So here it goes...

My situation before every session, with my water and my littlemprops

My situation before every session, with my water and my littlemprops

Below is a diary for my 8 sessions with Physique 57.

Day 1:

This was my free-trial session. The studio offers all newbies one free session before committing to one of their very convenient packages. What impressed me is that they have actually called the next day to ask how did I feel, and if I had any feedback. They also briefed me on the packages if I was interested to take it further.

Location: AlThanya Mall. Very nice boutique mall in Jumeirah with cool coffee and lunch spots afterwards!

Trainer: Kim. The sweetest Barre Instructor I have ever met! She had a contagious smile the entire time, and has the ability to make you smile through the exercises, and follow her steps without hesitation.  

How I felt: For someone who have been out of the fitness zone for almost 6 months, Did I even get through the warm up without panting? Very.good.question. However, as soon as I started to shake and feel the burn in my thighs, I felt elated! It was like an old drug you missed so bad and your body does really remember what to do the next time around. Not as hard as I anticipated.

Day 2:

I read a lot about the 8-workout challenge and decided to buy a package after working out my schedule for the coming two weeks. 

Location: City Walk, even more options for shopping, lunch, coffee and a nice view on Burj Khalifah! 

Trainer: Kim

How I felt: I was a bit more confident in this session however, slightly less better performance. After an observation from my end, I noticed that when I start my sessions later in the afternoon vs. early morning, I don't have as much energy and end up not performing with my best energy.

Day 3:

Trainer: Ariel. I believe she is one of the youngest in Physique 57 Dubai, and what great fun she is! She has such contagious positive energy, She managed to make us laugh and giggle the entire time and the class went by in a blink.

How I felt: Energy level way better! Having slept well and had a good handful of Almonds before class, I found myself performing the best. 

The CityWalk Branch

The CityWalk Branch

Day 4:

Trainer: Ivy. For some reason, Ivy was the one I clicked with the most in terms of exercise. She corrected a lot of my moves and positions and so I got the most out her class and was sharply focused with each one of us. 

How I felt: I started noticing my thighs and hips are become toned. I also noticed that I am becoming more presistant in some of the repetitions vs. giving up quickly after the first/second set. 

Day 5:

Trainer: Maggie. I can immediately tell she is a very experienced woman with a vast knowledge in exercising! She is strong and confident in a cool way. I loved how she pushed each one of us, adding a background of rock/metal classics as our background music for further push.

How I felt: I saw my husband that day after his business trip and he immediately commented on how more toned my body has become and inches lost from my waist/hips/thighs! Woohoo!

Day 6:

Trainer: Lianna. The energy and sense of humor that this girl has is amazing! As others, she had a smile from the first second of the class to the very last. She pushed us through to continue every pause and kept shouting very encouraging statements all throughout the class which really kept us all going!

How I felt: Unfortunately I missed 3 days without exercising but I was surprised that I picked up quite quickly. felt great after the class as the energy in the room was really positive and high.

Day 7:

Trainer: The super energetic Ariel

How I felt: Well this time I skipped a few days before going back to the barre and the reason was a tough week at work as I was closing everything before moving to a new job. To my surprise it was not this challenging and found that my body picked up fast, although I had to regulate my breathing a few times. 

Day 8: 

Trainer: Karlee. As all of the trainers, Karlee was super nice and all smiles throughout the class. She had a super slim body, which worked as a great motivator! 

How I felt: With the 8 classes coming to an end, I couldnt wait to finish so I take my measurements and share my review. 


So I am sure by now you are all waiting for the million dollar question, did it work? ABSOLUTELY! I have lost 2 cm from my hips and 1 from my waist and honestly I wasnt even following a strict diet as it was restaurant opening season in Dubai. After about the 5th session already, my arms looked much more toned and my thighs looked slimmer, now after 8 classes, my body looked leaner and taller..Yaay!

Overall Experience Rating: 4/5

Recommended Trainers: This is strictly from my personal point of view, but I would highly recommend Arial, Liv and Lianne.

Any drawbacks?

Sadly, yes...First, the super strict Cancellation/Change policy. One Tuesday the main high road on Dubai had a major accident and although I left an hour before the class time (While it should take max 20 mins to get there) I couldnt make it on time. When I called they understood as the instructor herself was running late for the same reason, but despite showing up 12 mins after class began, panting to the front desk, I was denied entering and was told I can only reschedule for later the same I ended up being deducted the class...major disappointment.

Will I Go Back?

Well, I would love to. But since I am starting a new job from November 1st, and with this tough cancellation policy, It would be too stressful to try and run between work, class and home. I am currently investigating the option of buying Physique 57 DVDs and continuing at home or checking with a local Personal Trainer who does Barre-based workouts. 

My Top 10 advises before your first barre class:

  1. I saw a couple of girls drop out of class after the first 15-20 mins. Through my pre-class talks with them I got to learn that they had no fitness routine at all before starting and I can only imagine how hard it must have been for them. I would advice all newbies to try jogging 2-3 weeks before starting as well as a couple of GYM sessions or simple aerobic routine at home (maybe even splurge on Physique 57 DVD's?) just in order to make the best out of your first session.
  2. Its very important to observe your body in different timings of the day and situations, after eating certain food or after different sleep patterns as it really does impact your energy level. Don't give up and try again the next day with a different set up.
  3. Take a minute to chat to your trainer before you start. Explain your background and if you have any issues. They will give your alternations better attention.
  4. Your diet is just as important (if not more) than your fitness routine. Noticing what you eat will impact your energy level as well as your weight loss/toning.
  5. Drink water frequently during class and throughout the day as your body tends to burn more calories when you are hydrated.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes. There are some brands that sell Barre-approved pants and tops. Importance is to wear something light and stretchy so you will be able to move through it with ease.
  7. If you feel something is wrong, speak up. Shaking and burning is definitely normal, but if you feel a cramp or a certain joint is hurting, then you probably are doing something wrong and you need to alter your move.
  8. In order to notice results, you are gonna have to do a minimum of 3 classes per week. 
  9. Buy a package so you STICK to it. I found myself being pushed to get up, dress up and go if I put money into it.
  10. Have fun! This is probably one of the most fun yet intense classes you will take. So have fun with it ;-)
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