8 Winter Beauty Mistakes You Should Avoid

Winter can be a very tricky season when it comes to Beauty. More often than not, we are too cold to get by the day, let alone have the energy to follow a proper beauty routine. All which result in flaky skin, lifeless hair and dull complexion which leave us feeling less than attractive.

However, there are some common beauty mistakes, we all do at some point during the coldest of days, that contribute directly to this. Thankfully, those are easily avoidable. Read below and aim to look your best in the cold season ahead!

Mistake #1: You Take Long Hot Showers

When its cold outside, its so tempting to jump into a heated bath or heat up your water to the max and linger under the waters for as long as possible. However, it has been proven that taking hot showers that exceed 15 minutes are very harmful to our skin. Basically because your skin's lipid layer, the one that contains fatty acids that locks in your skin's moister, begins to lose its structure. So try to cool down the water, or do not exceed 10 mins.

Mistake #2: You Use A Harsh Skin Cleanser

In Winter time, you cant use an oil-control/strong soap-based cleanser. Simply because it impacts your skin's already-delicate skin moister level. Instead, opt for a creme or milk-based cleansers, such as Clarins Cleansing Milk.  

Mistake #3: You Ignore your Dry Feet

Feet gets hugely impacted during winter time (Does the term 'Sand-Paper feet' ring a bell?) and are hardly attractive. Instead of waiting out until spring time to fix the damage, you can follow this simple routine during the colder days. Once a wee; Soak your feet in soapy water for 15 mins, then with a foot file buff the soles or apply a scrub. Afterwards, and to help close the cracks, apply a moisturizing balm before sealing it all with a pair of warm socks for the night. 

Mistake #4: You skip your SPF

Even though the sun might not be as visible as in warmer weather, but the harmful rays are still there. So wear an SPF daily of at least 25 in order to protect our hidden layers and slow down the aging process.

Mistake #5: You do not drink enough water

This is by far the most harmful one. In Winter time, water becomes all the more important as our body craves hydration. So make sure you drink between 8-10 glasses per day (Thats almost 2.5-3 Liters) and you will immediately notice the difference on your face. 

Mistake #6: You wear Foundation on Dry Skin

No matter how great or expensive your foundation is, it will never look good on dry skin. In fact, it will highlight its dryness even more. Instead, opt for a solid skin routine that includes scrubbing once a week (I use Bobbi Brown's Buffing Grains) and moisturizing twice a day. If things are still flaky, try using a Skin Balm 30 minutes before applying your foundation (Also this one from Bobbi Brown worked great for me during my pregnancy).

Mistake #7: You forget the Lip Balm

Your lips are very delicate and especially in harsh weather it will require extra attention. In order to have smooth and hydrated lips, try and exfoliate gently using a toothbrush twice a week, and apply immediately a good lip balm. My favorite would contain natural Shea Butter for best natural results.

Mistake #8: You wear the wrong make up colors

With a winter complexion, you need to be careful with your color palette. Instead of going for frosty colors (Light blue, white..etc) you need to go for bronze, darker purple or darker metallic such as grey. You can also opt for a thicker eyeliner look with darker lips (Burgundy and Blood red are both hot again this year).

What other beauty mistakes you think we should avoid this Winter? Share below!

Nada ElMahdiComment