Curls&Glows Experiences: Facial @ Clarins Spa, The Dubai Mall

With so many lavish spas and treatments at, quite literally, every corner in Dubai, it becomes increasingly hard to find the few ones that are worth your time as well as Dirhams. Therefore, every month, Curls & Glows will be reviewing for you the top treatments to try in D-town!

This Month's Recommended Treatment is:
Facial at Clarins Spa, The Dubai Mall

If you follow my blog and Instagram, you would know that I am pro natural skin care. I do believe great skin comes from properly hydrating your body, exercising as well as eating right. However, A periodic facial/treatment could be a great booster for both your skin as well as your mood, So I tend to go for it whenever I feel like I need it.

A couple of years ago, I came to know that Clarins has an in-house spa in their Dubai Mall Branch by pure coincidence through a friend who lives in New York and spoke very highly of it. Shortly after, I decided to give it a try and it was easy to know what the rave is about.

The Clarins brand is well known and very respected for its innovative and effective face skin care products, therefore, their spa is offering a variety of over 7 facials where they use 100% Clarins products but each facial is created to suit your skin type and needs.

The Experience

This week, I decided its time for a good facial wake up call and so I called in and was booked for the next day at noon. The best part is that I did not need to decide which facial type I will go for until my appointment.

At 12 PM the following day, I walked into their Branch on the First Level in Dubai Mall (close to Starbucks) and my therapist, V, was waiting for me with a warm smile and a clam voice. She immediately took me to the treatment room, which is tucked way from the hussle and bussle of the Dubai Mall, to change before my facial.

I came to love the treatment room's ambiance. It was dimly lit with a few freckling candles, had a classic and simple vibe to it and a warm scent that was light enough to create a nice-scented room and not too strong that you get irritated after a while.

After a few mins, my therapist came in and we started discussing my issues and concerns (Albiet only Skin related), and I pointed towards my visible pores on my T-zone as well as the tired and dull skin after the previous stressful weeks. We then settled for the Revitalizing Facial, with special products to suit my Dry-Combination skin texture.

The facial took exactly 1.5 hour and how I wished it was longer! It was very relaxing with zero discomfort, also with an added bonus of continuous scalp, hands and feet rubs in between masks and scrubs! By the end I was incredibly relaxed from head to toe and was smiling from the inside out.

The Result

After we were done, my therapist asked me to touch my face to see if I can feel any different. I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin texture was much softer and much more hydrated than when I first came in. It was confirmed when I took a look at the mirror and saw a fresh and truly rejuvenated face looking back at me. No open pores or tired skin. Made me regret not taking a Before and After pic!

In a Nutshell

Overall Rating: 5/5
Service: Excellent. very friendly and knowledgeable staff. 
Recommended Therapist: V (Said her name is much longer and that's why she settled for a shorter version)
Tips: Clarins Spa is always running very good offers throughout the year. Check out vouchers in Entertainer (Body) and subscribe to their SMS service so you get the offers first-hand.
Will I go back? Absolutely!

Nada ElMahdiComment