Summer's Must-Buy Skin Products 2016

Between the billions of products on the shelves these days and summer being just around the corner,  I understand your panic. That's why today I bring you the top face & body products for a gorgeous glowy healthy summer skin! All tried and tested. So, Get your notes and get ready for some serious shopping.

5 Secrets for Healthy Beautiful Glowing face

Raise your hand if you have you ever looked at endless pictures of celebrities and models and wooed over the gorgeous glowing skin they have?  Well, I did. Countless times. I hopelessly kept thinking and researching what could possibly be the secret behind it. The answer was much more simpler than I have imagined, and no its not photoshop. Read on to know more.

4 Must-Buy Local Organic Beauty products

This week, I am bringing you four 100% organic local-produced skin products that I have personally tried and loved and therefore wanted to share with you all, especially with the upcoming holiday season (Gift ideas?) and the cold weather (Goodbye flaky skin!).

8 Winter Beauty Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are a few common beauty mistakes which we all do at some point during the coldest of days and that can impact our skin, hair and overall looks. Thankfully, those are easily avoidable. Read this guide for winter beauty and aim to look your best in the cold season ahead!

How to recover after indulging on vacation

We ALL do it. Binging and indulging on vacation is a way to let loose, enjoy our time, and sometimes learn about the country's culture through experiencing its cuisine. Its fun and liberating not to be on a strict diet while away..but what's not as fun to be hit by guilt (and sometimes low self-esteem) after going back to reality.

Your guide to gorgeous summer skin

There are many factors that impact our skin negatively during summer; the heat, humidity, frequent sun exposure, and not to mention sea water can all cause breakouts, sun burns, dry or oily skin texture and more. So check your skin type below and follow this special routine during summer to protect your skin and achieve that glow for a sun-kissed ready skin! 

3 Egyptian Favorite Dishes Made Healthier!

The Egyptian cuisine dates back to over 5000 years ago and includes onions and vegetables regularly in most of the dishes. Here I will be sharing with you all the fundamentals of clean eating which is all about using as much natural and unprocessed ingredients as possible. By sharing those simple changes and twists on your favorite dishes, you will by time learn how to turn each dish into a healthier, cleaner one.

How to lose weight and stay healthy during Ramadan

My journey for losing the baby weight started during last Ramadan. I was so determined to use this chance of the limited non-fasting hours to limit my calorie intake. I was actually surprised with how the whole thing was much easier than I thought. All I did was follow these few very doable steps!

Every woman in the world - Even the world's most gorgeous models - has them...bad beauty days. Days when you wake up with skin dry, puffy eyes, the dreaded breakouts or just generally tired and sleep-deprivedHere are some tips & tricks that will ensure you look pretty in minutes!