Curls & Glows is a lifestyle website dedicated to regularly inspire women to live in style, juggle, and enjoy life in every aspect.

The website features everyday life essentials; career advises, fashion trends, food to try, places to visit, as well as tips and inspirations for the modern busy woman.

The C&G girl is the busy mom, the career woman, the ambitious chic who wants to look great, feel great and do great, everyday.


Curls & glows was founded by Nada ElMahdi, the Dubai-based editor behind all content on Curls & Glows.

Nada was born and bread in the upbeat city of Cairo, Egypt. She started her career in communications at the young age of 17 and today she is heading up the Communications and Marketing function in a Multinational Company.

Inspired by life in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, her strong passion for writing and her perfectionist self; Nada is set on a task to help women pursue perfection in style, fashion, travel, and enjoying life in the city. All the while staying true to her roots and her simple straight forward sense of style